Who was at the end of the Multiverse of Madness, is it Doctor Strange’s Wife in the Future?

Who is Clea Marvel? Now that is the most question Marvel fans ask after watching Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness. Many fans will have so many questions about this film, one of them is Clea who appears in the post-credit scene.

Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness didn’t explain so much about Clea, but you can find all about Clea through the original source which is in comic books. Even though it will not be 100% accurate like in MCU, at least we can know a few about this character.

Clea Cast by Charlize Theron Marvel

So in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Clea is a character played by Charlize Theron. For those who don’t know, She is a South African and American actress and also a producer. previously she has acted in many popular Hollywood movies like Hancock (2008) and many more like it. The 46-year-old actress was born on was born on 7 August 1975. But the question for now who is Clea Strange, is she important for the next MCU Phase 4.

Who is Clea Marvel?

If Clea was based on what has been created and compiled from the original source on comic Based on the comic book, her original name was only Clea and there’s no mention of a middle or last name. She is the daughter of Olnar (the former ruler of the Dark Dimension) and the Faltine fugitive Umar (sister of the Dreadful Dormammu).

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Clea is the character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, her first debut is on November 1964 in Strange Tales #126. Now, we’re going to find the answer of who is Clea Marvel’s.

Not like Doctor Strange in the main universe that becomes a Sorcerer Supreme, Clea is more like a witch, because she has mastered the Dark Magic.

Who Is Clea Marvel 1
Dark Magic | Dr Strange First Movie

In the movie, this character has been indirectly explained briefly when it turns out that she is taking care of Multiverse affairs in the first post-credit scene. This is also to debut Charlize Theron Marvel for the first time.

Clea and Doctor Strange back Story

Clea is a Faltine, an extra-dimensional being created from magic and also from the Dark Dimension, which is also where Doctor Strange’s first enemy came from in the first film.

Clea’s mother – Umar, is Dormammu’s sister. Then, based on comic book sources, Clea’s bond with Dormmamu brought her to Doctor Strange in the Dark Dimension. This is the most important part of Marvel’s Who is Clea Marvel question.

Who Is Clea Marvel 2
Dark Dimension Being |

The initial situation that brought him together was when Stephen Strange was asked by the Ancient One to travel to the Dark Dimension to do something.

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Then Clea met Doctor Strange after he arrived there to defeat Dormammu. Clea, who is finally impressed by Doctor Strange courage, becomes an ally but only in the Dark Dimension.

Her decision of course resulted in anger from the family, making her arrested by Dormammu and even almost killed by her mother, Umar. So now, you understand a little bit about Who is Clea Marvel.

Strange Saves Clea

However, then Doctor Strange managed to find and save Clea. After that, the former Sorcerer Supreme in this version of the MCU brought Clea back to New York, after which they began their story and lived together. After reading this, maybe you can imagine what happened to this character in the future of MCU, or just become the answer to Who is Clea Marvel questions.

Clea Strange Power

If you done watching The New Mutants movie, there is a characters named Magik that have similar power to Clea. Magik can also open a portal to another dimension like Clea. The difference is, Magik opens a portal to a dimension called Limbo, while Clea is further than that.

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As a future hero in the MCU, Clea has superpowers and the ability to create energy bolts. Furthermore, she also has the power of telekinesis and telepathy to be able to control other people’s thoughts. Maybe, an ability that looks similar to Professor X from The X-Men.

Just like Doctor Strange, Clea has also mastered various abilities using magic and can even create illusions to trick people. In addition, in one story Clea is shown to be able to bring various mystical creatures. This is more something important to answer Who is Clea Marvel questions.

One of the most interesting things about Clea is being able to imitate Doctor Strange various powers such as replicating any spells that she manages to use. Clea also had access to the Flames of Regency, which allowed her strength to reach the highest peak.

If we look at the Marvel Comics, in terms of magical abilities, Clea figure can rival Doctor Strange and extra-dimensional creatures. This is because Clea was originally a student of Doctor Strange and eventually got involved in a romantic relationship. So that is the information about who is Clea Marvel in the comics.

Is Clea Christine’s Substitute Love?

Who Is Clea Marvel 3
Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer | Doctor Strange (2016)

We can argue that the post-credits of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are a reflection that Doctor Strange is no longer overshadowed by his previous lover, Christine.

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The post-credits became a clue that became an important point when Stephen Strange was able to let Christine go.

But as we know, the MCU often changes the original story or just a few stories from the source to look and feel different. It could be, that Clea will be something else far from what we know from the comic book sources. Up here, do you know who is Clea Marvel now?

Will Doctor Strange Die and be replaced by Clea in the MCU in the future?

In the comic by Jed Mackay and Lee Garbett titled the Death of Doctor Strange, Clea becomes Stephen Strange wife. In that comic, the Sorcerer Supreme A.K.A Doctor Strange gets killed by a mysterious figure.

In the latest series, Stephen Strange who came from the past managed to find the culprit who killed him in the present, save the world, and appoint Clea as his successor. This is the start of the answer to the who is Clea Marvel questions.

Since then, Clea has finally used the last name Stephen used to become Clea Strange attempt to bring Doctor Strange back to life. Clea meets a mysterious creature Harvestman who calls himself Death emissary A.K.A Death Messenger.

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Clea also gets forbidden from resurrecting Doctor Strange from the dead. The story of Clea in the Death Of Doctor Strange comic will still continue in the last series, series #5 which will be released on July 27, 2022. So, the continuation of the story is still ongoing and at a stage that we still don’t know clearly.

If you are more excited to read the detail all about who is Clea Marvel from the based comic source, you can find all of them here: Clea Strange Fandom (616).

Clea is predicted to appear in the MCU

Clea was predicted to appear in the sequel to the first Doctor Strange film, but at that time there was no definite clue that this character would actually appear. If you see the fan theory from MCU Community, like a Facebook Group or something, this one has a predicted before.

Who is Clea MCU?

Based on a comic book, you know Clea is an important character because she helps Doctor Strange to escape from Dark Dimensions and has a more important role in Marvel future. But as we know, everything can be possible and happen in movie project industries version.

Does Doctor Strange have a Girlfriend?

For now, we know that the main character in his live-action movie and What If animated series, Stephen Strange relationship is not going well. While that happens, Clea just comes in the new movie, maybe this is a real love interest for him if MCU will be followed a comic book story.

Who is the Woman in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness?

To find the answer, you must be read this content from first until the last part of this article. Basically, the name is Clea Strange from a comic book. And all of this discussion, give you an answer to Who is Clea Marvel.

Now Understand Who is Clea Marvel?

I hope after reading all information about Clea here, you understand who is Clea Strange if that is based on source material, that means comic book. But if you have any questions about Clea, please just write in the comment column section, you can ask anything.

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