Did Wanda Die in Doctor Strange 2, Let’s Find Out?

After watching Doctor Strange 2, is Wanda dead or not in this movie because he’s fate was unknown. Wanda completely destroys all Dark Holes in every Universe, then she gets crushed by the building debris of Mount Wundagore. Because of that now the fans asking is Wanda really dead?

We can’t find the clue or something about Wanda fate in the movie, nothing. But what we know is Wanda still has so many important roles as Scarlet Witch in MCU, maybe Disney going to follow Marvel Comic to show the Wanda A.K.A Scarlett Witch story.

Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness didn’t explain so much about what happened to Wanda, but you can find all about him through the original source which is in comic books. Even though it will not be 100% accurate like in MCU, at least we can know a few about this character. Now, come to discuss to find out the answer for is Wanda dead.

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Did Wanda Die in Dr Strange 2

As you can see at the end of the film Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness. Wanda has been crushed by the rubble of a building on Mount Wendagore and making it look as if she had died.

Is Wanda Dead Or Not
End Scenes | Doctor Strange: in The Multiverse of Madness

But actually, if you watch the movies more than once and pay close attention to the details, it looks like Wanda uses power for whatever function. After that, can you imagine is Wanda dead or not.

However, we can’t say for sure about a hint of where to teleport as many fans have theorized, or if it was a special spell that actually killed him.

From the perspective of fans who really like Wanda A.K.A Scarlet Witch, this part will definitely bring disappointment. So they must hope that the red magic that is seen is a sign that Wanda survived by teleporting.

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If this is true, we cannot predict where Wanda will go, whether to a different universe using the black magic she has mastered, or moving to another place in the same universe.

Wanda’s Contract Expired?

Anything that happens to the future of Wanda is decisive by MCU, we just can make various theories and more possibilities by watching more on coming MCU series or other theater movies. But the concern is if Wanda is actually really dead, we can’t see him again. But this does not confirm that sure to answer is Wanda dead or not.

If the tragedy is to make sure she dies, it means we can’t see Wanda or Scarlet Witch in the MCU next movie that showed a story just about events in MCU (Universe Earth-199999). Maybe we can just see this character again in another movie that story brings again about Multiverse, that means Wanda Variant.

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About Elizabeth Olsen Contract With MCU

Reported, this 33-year-old woman revealed that she signs again every time Marvel Studios want him to do a movie. You can see the full interview via YouTube videos here:

This makes us unable to confirm Wanda’s character. But what is certain is that there are many unexplored events, one of which involves this red-robed character. As of now, we can only expect him to return one day. Did you know that this character played an important role in the House of M incident.

While that hasn’t happened yet, we can expect Wanda to return to making House of M. But it certainly will if the MCU wants to adapt that storyline. However, anything can happen now, apart from the concept of the Multiverse.

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Is Wanda Really Dead? Clue from Wanda Actor

Marvel Studios could easily offer Olsen another contract extension to bring Wanda Maximoff back to the MCU, but given the actress hasn’t signed a multi-project deal yet, another appearance as Wanda isn’t guaranteed.

Regardless, it’s clear Olsen is eager to return to her role as Wanda and there are plenty of places where her character could appear next.

The actress has mentioned that she would be interested in reuniting Wanda with Paul Bettany’s White Vision on screen, given that her character’s journey is still unfinished after the events of WandaVision.

The House of M storyline is another idea that many Marvel fans want to see. Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige has confirmed that the Mutants are on their way to the MCU, but how or when they will appear is still unknown.

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Olsen has said in the past he would be very excited to bring the iconic X-Men line to life in the MCU. Seeing as Scarlet Witch has appeared in both the Avengers and the X-Men franchise in the comics, it makes sense that she has something to do with Mutants in the future.

Is Wanda Dead?

So what do you think, is Wanda dead or just having the same question about whether Wanda died in Dr Strange 2? Let me know what you think through the Columns section.

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