Elizabeth Olsen Speaks The Reason Why Wanda Is Weaker In 838 Universe

Marvel Studios kicked off its theatrical run in 2022 with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, opening up to box office success and resounding audience reception.

This is, arguably, in part due to the return of Elizabeth Olsen as the Crimson Witch, who accepts the corruption that Darkhold WandaVision had given her during her Multiversal rampage.

This bloodbath eventually culminated in what Doctor Strange 2 presented as Earth-838 and his Illuminati group. The team consisted of Black Bolt from Anson Mount, Maria Rambeau/Lashana Lynch from Captain Marvel, Hayley Atwell from Captain Carter, Chiwetel Ejiofor from Baron Mordo, and John Krasinski from Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, and Professor X from Patrick Stewart.

Wanda and the Illuminati Powers

In short, all of these Marvel icons (minus Mordo) met their end at the hands of Wanda Maximoff, who, among other things, turned the all-powerful group into mush, flakes, and half. Viewers now have a chance to relive the carnage on Disney+ as the Multiverse of Madness recently joined the MCU Timeline on the streaming service.

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Olsen made the fight between herself and every member of the Illuminati seem easy, but now, the actress is revealing that Wanda is actually a bit at a disadvantage when it comes to this encounter.

Elizabeth Olsen Confirms Wanda’s Weakened State in Doctor Strange 2

During an interview with Marvel, Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen discussed Wanda Maximoff’s fight against the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In particular, Olsen mentioned that he thought the match “would be easier” and that the Multiversal group “had a lot more struggle than I expected:”

Olsen cites Wanda’s dream of walking as a source of her character’s weakening during Doctor Strange 2’s confrontation, comparing Scarlet Witch Multiverse mooring to racing car driving:

When is the Red Witch at Maximum Strength?

Some fans may be surprised that the Red Witch Elizabeth Olsen wasn’t actually at the peak of her powers when she massacred the Illuminati. These are not only some of the greatest character power shows but also one of the most brutal sequences the MCU has ever depicted.

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However, Olsen’s explanation made sense. Wanda Earth-616 must remain tied to Earth-838 throughout that time, plus before and after the fight. Keeping the mooring strong for as long as possible will take away the character; if Wanda were there without that line, she might be able to beat the Darth Vader-style Illuminati through Force-style.

It’s also interesting to note how Olsen himself thought the fight would be easier, showing how much confidence he had in the Crimson Demons and their abilities. Wanda Maximoff had come a long way from her Westview days, and there was no telling what she could do next—if she made it out alive.

For now, viewers can relive the brutality of the Red Witch in all its glory as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness now streams on Disney+.

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