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Doctor Who Wil Re-Telling Amy Pond’s Origin Story

Amy And Rory

Doctor Who has just retold the origin of the Eleventh Doctor’s most beloved companion, Amy Pond. COVID-19 may have brought the world to a standstill, but Doctor Who fans have taken a tip from their hero; far from wasting time, they’re appreciating its value.

Doctor Who Magazine‘s Emily Cook has been organizing mass-rewatching, and she’s been getting past showrunners, writers, and actors to get involved and produce original content.

Steven Moffat produced a new Sontaran-themed short ahead of a “Day of the Doctor” rewatch, while Russell T. Davies revealed his plans for the Time War as a prelude to “Rose.”

Today’s rewatch is “The Eleventh Hour,” the first episode featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor, and this time Cook has revealed an enchanting animated short retelling the origin of his companion Amy Pond.

Caitlin Blackwood as the Young Amy

The newly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor first met Amy Pond when she was just a child, when his TARDIS crashed in her back garden.

The young Amelia Pond was played by Caitlin Blackwood, and she needed the Doctor’s help with a mysterious crack in her wall – in reality an interdimensional rift. The Doctor promised to return, and she spent years of her life expecting his imminent arrival. Of course, the TARDIS being the TARDIS, it actually took him years.

The story is now retold in a superb animated story written by Steven Moffat, illustrated by Sophie Iles, and read by Blackwood herself.

An Enchanting Re-Telling

Doctor Who Amelia Pond1
Caitlin Blackwood as Amy Pond |ScreenRant

This retelling is absolutely enchanting, a child’s-eye view of a freshly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor.

Fans will be delighted at the constant references to Rory, who is presented as eminently forgettable. Of course, Rory and Amy were engaged when the Doctor finally returned, and true to form Amy did indeed forget all about her fiance when she hopped into the TARDIS.

Later in the first season, Rory was erased from time when he was consumed by the time rift, and the Doctor was the only one who remembered he existed at all. The animated short also mentions Amy’s far more exciting friend Mels, who turned out to be River Song – Amy and Rory’s future daughter.

After watched the video, what’s your thought about it guys?