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Because the problem between Dewa_Kipas and GothamChess is getting hotter and bigger,, as the company that banned Dewa_Kipas, has finally clarified this issue so that fans no longer make the problem bigger. Clarification for Banning Dewa_Kipas Clarification for Banned Dewa_Kipas Clarification for Banned Dewa_Kipas |

As quoted from the official Twitter post by the account, they said that “we never close accounts based solely on the number of reports either from @GothamChess or from other communities. All account closings are carried out by a fair-play team that is carefully reviewed regarding our fair-play policy. “

So, we can say it means that here actually has no mistakes. Due to the ban on the pure Dewa_Kipas account from their system, which was specially made to detect fraud based on several factors. Because Dewa_Kipas was detected as cheating, that’s why the system’s account was banned directly.

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However, even though they have provided clarification, there are still many people from Indonesia who feel that this is unfair. In fact, there is a Twitter user from Indonesia who said, “we can also talk about how dirty Western people are by saying Dewa_Kipas is cheating. Almost all Western comments say that he is cheating. Seriously? We are not stupid in this game. There are many professional amateurs here, especially people aged 50-60 years, “said Takahashijun720.

Regardless, the good news is now that this topic is resolved. Because both parties, namely Dewa_Kipas and GothamChess, agreed to make peace and delete their respective posts regarding this issue.