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CS:GO Operation Broken Fang is Live, and The New Updates are Incredible!

Finally, frickin finally, a major update for CS:GO! The Operation Broken Fang! The major update comes with the stuff that you’ve been praying for. It’s not just some reintroduced skins or new maps.

In this update, we got a new stat tracking feature, you got the matchmaking fixed up and QOL improvements, and the expected skins and maps. We didn’t get an upgraded anti-cheat, but hey, it’s better than nothing. However, other than that, this update is simply great.

Major Update: Pings, Chat Wheels, and Changes to Warmup

Pings and Chat Wheels

Talking about the update, we have to discuss the biggest change first. It’s the Pings and Chat Wheels. What do you know, Valve takes a book from its MOBA brother Dota 2. You can now ping an objective on CS:GO, for example, a pricey gun or a bomb. It will be visible to your teammate and appears on the minimap.

Then, now you can also use Chat Wheels to make a call. These things are actually useful, like really useful. These features will greatly improve the team’s communication, especially when you want to communicate instantly with your teammate. Now, you don’t have to bother searching for a PTT key and explaining or even typing.

We already got radio messages before this, but I think Chat Wheels provide a much better range of commands. For me personally, I like Pings better because it’s only 1 click away. It also provides more detailed information. Furthermore, Valve implements a ping rate limiter so that some toxics can’t abuse it. Well done.


Next, Valve changes the warmup period from team deathmatch to 1v1 duel with the enemy team using random weapons. This might be a small thing, but I guess this is better than getting spawn camped by an AWP or Negev. With this change, the warmups can actually warm you aim up.

Operation Broken Fang


Okay, first thing first, Operation Broken Fang will cost you 15 USD or 13 EUR. What does it provide you ask? You got Broken Fang Premier Matchmaking that includes premier features, the Broken Fang Premier stats page, Retake modes, and skin cases.

Those premier features are pre-match Pick-Ban Map (and you can choose what side you want to start with). Then, you got a new column on the stat menu that is HS%. You got a chart popping out after every round that shows you your winning probability based on what happened on the previous one.

Operation Broken Fang Advanced Stats
Operation Broken Fang Advanced Stats Page

The highlight of Operation Broken Fang is the premier stats page. On this page, you can see your heatmap, weapon performance, and map winrate. Previously, these are something you can only get via third party matchmaking services, like ESEA and FACEIT.

This is indeed a good move by Valve, taking a page out of CS:GO third party services. But, the question is, “Is Valve going to keep these features after the operation ends?” Well, I’m certainly hoping that they will eventually roll it onto the regular matchmaking later.


Operation Broken Fang Skins
Operation Broken Fang Shop

Just like the previous operation, Operation Broken Fang saw Valve releasing an operation case along with 3 new skin collections, The Control, The Havoc, and The Ancients. We also got a whole new set of agents (some reintroduced), stickers, patches, and graffiti.

Personally, I don’t like the new skin collections that much. However, surely the AWP Fade is the jewel of the operation. I found some at the market starting from 1.7k USD. If Valve continues the trend of not re-releasing old skins, these already high price tags for the operation skins could even get crazier. Remember, all the most sought after skins in CS:GO are the ultra-rare covert operation skins.

Okay, that’s all for the update, what do you think of the update? Do you think that CS:GO is a dying FPS game or do you still think CS:GO as the OG FPS game? For me, I’m sticking to CS:GO all the way.

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