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Bethesda Donating $1 Million to COVID-19 Relief

Although on a more obscure, corporate level, Bethesda and the rest of the gaming industry are suffering along with the global populace thanks to the deep economic effects of global quarantine efforts in response COVID-19.

Every major industry in-person trade show has been delayed or cancelled, including E3 2020, where Bethesda annually hosts a conference.

Now, the large publisher is joining its peers at the charitable Games Done Quick in chipping in to help organizations that provide assistance to the virus’s hardest-hit victims and work tocurb its further spread through vaccine research and development.

$1 Million From Bethesda

Just you’ve seen on Bethesda’s official tweet above, On April 27, Bethesda tweeted the below pledge to donate $1 million to “charities around the globe to help COVID-19 relief efforts.”

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A news post on the publisher’s website goes into further detail, stating the company wants to do more than “keep you entertained and connected through our games” in this time of crisis, and it’s outlined how its generous gesture will be divvied between worthy causes.

Direct Relief, “a charity which is directly involved in COVID-19 relief efforts” and provides critical PPE supplies to hospitals, will receive $500,000, while UNICEF and “local COVID-19 relief efforts within the communities where [Bethesda staff] work and live” will receive $250,000 apiece.

In a very wise move, Bethesda is leaving it up to its “individual studios and international offices” to determine which local groups will be aided.

Bethesda is the First Big Benefactor

Bethesda Game Studios Office
Bethesda Game Studios |Windows Central

So far, this is one of the biggest pledges of capital put toward fighting COVID-19’s tight worldwide grip in the gaming industry so far, putting Bethesda a cut above the rest in demonstrating its commitment to the public health.

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Hopefully other developers will follows the suit. Well let’s just wait and see okay? So what do you think about this guy?

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