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Unannounced Saints Row 5 Delayed?

This past year, Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic, confirmed that Volition was hard at work on its next major Saints Row game. Volition has since confirmed that Saints Row 5 is in the works, even revealing it’s a prequel of sorts to Saints Row 4.

But there’s been nothing firm outside of Embracer’s financial reporting. But due to Embracer acknowledging it, Saints Row 5 or whatever game it might be was speculated to be an upcoming release.

Officially Delayed To the Next Fiscal Year

Saints Row Delay Rumor
Saints Row |GameRant

With Saints Row 5 being a potential 2020 or early 2021 launch, Embracer’s comments about two AAA games being delayed raised a flag, as it could very well be Saints Row 5 that has been delayed. The game may have been originally planned for release this year or early 2021, but is now delayed into the next fiscal year.

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Additional evidence that Saints Row 5 is one of the two delayed games came later in Embracer’s call, when Embracer listed all of its other games coming out.

These titles included Biomutant, Destroy All Humans!, and Ride 4, and notably did not include Saints Row 5. If Embracer was willing to talk about a new Saints Row game in 2019, then it would make sense that it would talk about it again this year. Unless that Saints Row game has been delayed.

Remember The Delay Just In Terms of Its Fiscal Year

Saints Row The Third Ps4 700x394 1
Saints Row The Third |GameByte

The delay is simply out of the current fiscal year and into the next, it deserves to be noted. That could mean that either game was planned for March 2021 before and will now launch in April 2021. It could also mean that they’ll now launch in April 2022. In other words, it could be a very small delay or a major delay.

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Ultimately, it isn’t clear whether Saints Row 5 is one of the delayed games or not. It’s purely a rumor, given the lack of information provided by Embracer.

That said, if the new Saints Row game is in development it’s definitely not coming out this fiscal year, delay or not. Saints Row fans will just have to wait until 2021 to hopefully hear more information about Volition’s next Saints Row project.

So now, what do you all think about this guys?

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