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How To Find And Catch A Ditto In Pokemon Go

One of the hardest to find in Pokemon Go is Ditto, the shape shifting critter. It is an absolute key in the game. And that’s despite it not being the sort of Pokemon that could ever rank on the best Pokemon Tier lists.

Ditto can’t be obtained easily as like others. It can’t be hatched from eggs, has never shown up as a raid reward and isn’t often found as a field research quest reward. As such, you’ll need to know how to catch Ditto and how to find Ditto in the wild. Read on to know how.

How to find Ditto in the wild and catch it

The whole point of Ditto is that it is a disguise-based Pokemon. It likes to hide or shape shift as other Pokemon. So what you can do catch it is…

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Total Time: 1 hour

Catch the Pokemon that Ditto is hiding as

That’s what you can do. Just hope that Ditto appears and you can catch it while you’re hunting for Pokemons that Ditto may disguise as. There is a list of them, called The Ditto List, and it is changing as the game updates. We will try to give you the list as updated as possible at the end of this article.Ditto Hiding

Keep an eye for Pokemon with a lower CP than usual

Ditto is harder to catch than the Pokemon it hides as. It will appear as the exact same Pokemon it disguises as, but with different CP. So if you see a Pokemon from the Ditto list with lower CP and mysteriously avoiding capture, don’t hesitate to use your berries and Ultra Ball. Pokemon Go Cp

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For your information, Ditto spawn rate is pretty small. So you can’t expect to get it in a short time. And by knowing that, we can say that it’s impossible to farm. So don’t sweat it too much, and be ready when you see one from the Ditto list. Here they are.

Pokemon Go Ditto List

This is the list of all Pokemon Ditto currently can appear as. Last Updated on September 4, 2019.

  • Venonat (Gen 1)
  • Paras (Gen 1)
  • Hoothoot (Gen 2)
  • Ledyba (Gen 2)
  • Yanma (Gen 2)
  • Remoraid (Gen 2)
  • Whismur (Gen 3)
  • Gulpin (Gen 3)

These are the Pokemon that Ditto can be hiding as in Pokemon Go. Go catch them. If they’re Ditto, it’ll reveal itself!

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