The Best Gun in Valorant for Beginners. Radiant ASAP!

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. This game very dependent on aim and each character’s ability. You have to search for the most comfortable gun for you to play. Confusion? WOWKIA has summarized the best gun in Valorant for beginners.

Guns can be purchased by using creds during the pre-round sequence. Each Agent is equipped with a Knife and the Classic sidearm for free by default. Agents will keep the gun they purchase through each round until they die. In addition, other players can pick up the gun you dropped. The gun can be carried on with the player into the next round.

Here is The List of The Best Gun in Valorant for Beginners

Disclaimer: The Best Gun in Valorant for Beginners list below is based on the author’s personal opinion. You may not think the same way about this. So if you have another game to put in here, please tell us in the comment section.

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1. Pistol: The Ghost

1. Pistol Ghost
Pistol: The Ghost

The best gun in valorant for pistols group is the Ghost. This pistol is a semi-automatic sidearm pistol. It deals a relatively high amount of damage upon hit, usually taking two shots to the head and 5 to 6 shots to the body to kill. The Ghost is a reliable backup weapon. Its above-average accuracy, good damage, and overall consistency.

The Ghost comes equipped with a silencer, which helps to increase its overall accuracy. It reduces noise while firing, making it useful as a stealth weapon. Ghost is based on a slide modeled after the Desert Eagle, the lower frame armor modeled after the H9.

2. SMG: The Spectre

2. Smg Spectre
SMG: The Spectre

The best gun in valorant for the SMGs group is the Spectre. It is a moderately-priced submachine gun that occupies its wielder’s primary weapon slot. It is complete with a silencer that reduces the range of the weapon’s audio profile. In comparison to the Stinger, it is substantially more accurate, kicks considerably less, possesses slightly more cover piercing capability.

The Spectre has a higher magazine capacity. However, its slightly lower per-shot damage and lessened fire rate render its total output statistically more inadequate. The weapon is so useful if your team is out of cash. It is markedly effective at close ranges, especially on unarmored targets. Its quietened firing sound can also come in handy for ambushing enemies.

3. Rifle: The Phantom

Rifles Phantom
Rifle: The Phantom

The best gun in valorant for the rifles group is the Phantom. It is a fully automatic rifle that sits at 2,900 Credits. It does less damage per bullet than its counterpart, the Vandal. Meanwhile, the phantom makes up for it with its above-average accuracy, low spread, and a Silencer. It extremely useful for ambushing, since at closer ranges, the rifle is an instant kill to the head.

4. Machine Gun: Odin

Machine Gunodin
Machine Gun: Odin

The best gun in valorant for the machine guns group is the Odin. It is the second most expensive gun in the game, costing 3200 credits. It is a heavy weapon that, like the Ares, is best used for wall-banging due to its high wall penetration and most increased magazine size at 100. Its primary fire, again like the Ares, speeds up during fire, but unlike the Ares, its ADS allows you to start shooting at its maximum fire rate immediately.

5. Sniper: The Operator

Sniper Operator
Sniper: The Operator

The best gun in valorant for the snipers group is the Operator. It has the highest damage per bullet out of all the weapons in the game, making it a force to be reckoned with due to its one-hit-kill nature. It is also the most expensive weapon in the game at 4,500 credits. The scope has a dual zoom mode: the 5x can focus on holding tight angles. Meanwhile, 2.5x handles better in more open areas.

The weapon has a notably low fire-rate, creating a large window of vulnerability that allows enemies to retaliate quickly. It’s also necessary to aim down the scope manually after firing each shot. Still, it’s possible to hold the alternate fire button at any moment after firing to aim through the scope as soon as possible, releasing the button at the desired zoom factor.

What Do You Think About This List?

So that is the list of the best gun for beginners in valorant. Which one do you consider to use? If you have a different opinion, please leave a comment. In addition, you may want to know: Valorant Will Recieve Six New Agents A Year or Best Agents In Valorant For Beginner, Easiest To Understand!

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