Among Us: How to Become the Best Impostor

Among Us has quickly become a surprise hit with its special mix of Asymmetric Multiplayer, teamwork, and manipulative communication. Originally launching back in 2018, Among Us has a massive and growing player base. Among Us recently became one of the most-watched games on Twitch. And is enjoyed by millions of mobile and PC gamers around the world. Being an impostor in Among Us is also the interesting part.

The concept of Among Us is simple. There are crew members who need to complete various tasks in order to win. And hidden among the crew are Imposters (usually two), whose job is to sabotage and kill everyone. The odds are stacked against the Imposters, but there are some helpful hints, terrific tips, and menacing methods to take the victory as the murderous imposter. Many players don’t face difficulties playing as Crewmates as they only need to accomplish their tasks. Playing as the Impostors is the real challenge because it involves a lot of cunning and deceit.

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If you want to be a great impostor, then you’re reading the right article. With no further to look,

this is how to become the best impostor in Among Us:

Acting like you’re doing a task

Fake Task Among Us Imposter

To win as an Impostor, you have to make sure your behavior doesn’t raise any suspicion. One of the biggest challenges you face as an Impostor is that you’ll be assigned fake tasks that can’t actually be carried out. That’s why you need to act like you’re doing something to pass off as a Crewmate. Tasks like connecting wires and downloading files do not show special animations. All you have to do is stand right where the task locations are and the subterfuge should work.

Blend in as a crewmate, and then stealthfully kill!

Crewmate Among Us Imposter

The Impostor needs to seem like any other crew member. The Impostor needs to blend in and feel like a member of the crew, but vanish at a moment’s notice when the timing is right. The key to getting the kill is patience. There are moments when a kill is possible early on, but other times the situation might be too risky. Even though Imposters have the ability to kill when their cooldown is up, it doesn’t mean they always should.

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Never stay close to a body

Never Stay Close To A Body In Among Us Imposter

Another big mistake Imposters make is being too close to the body after the kill. If an Impostor is walking the opposite direction from a body, and another crew member notices this, they will get suspicious as to why that person didn’t report the body. Being flexible and quick on one’s toes is important. A common tactic is to report one’s own kill in order to avoid those situations, and oftentimes it can build trust with the crew.

Vents are also a great way to escape from a body, as long as no one notices the Impostor entering or exiting the vent. Usually, it is possible to get the kill, jump in a vent, move to a different room with the venting system, and then walk away from the death like a pro. If a lot of time has passed without anyone reporting the murder, you can report it yourself to cast a veneer of innocence over yourself.

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Take advantage of the sabotage tools

Among Us Impostor Sabotage Strategy

Impostors have the ability to commit all kinds of sabotage to create emergency situations. Among them are turning off the lights, closing doors, overloading reactors, and disrupting the oxygen supply. If you are at the edge of the map with a Crewmate, you should commit sabotage that has to be solved on the other side of the map.

This forces the other Crewmates to run towards a location that is far from your own, giving you the perfect opportunity to commit murder. Setting off the reactor is a great way to buy time and force players to quit the task at hand temporality. Additionally, it can lead to stragglers being left alone. That being said, it is important to look like a crew member, eager to fix the issue, and not simply run the totally opposite direction and look suspicious.

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Don’t enter vents for no reason!

Vent Jumper Impostor

There’s also another Impostor’s special skills, entering the vents to hide. Once you’ve entered a vent, you can make your exit from any of the vents strewn across the map.You need to remember, however, that the kill cooldown meter will not decrease when you’re hiding inside a vent. So, if you’re planning to enter one of these vents to kill someone, watch your cooldown. Don’t let any of the Crewmate sees you while entering the vent.

Build an alibi and accuse another Crewmate

Alibi Impostor Tips

Never stay quite while entering the discussion session. That is a telltale sign of guilt and once you’re accused of killing someone, it’ll be very difficult to talk your way out of it. Another trick is killing a player and hide into the vent. And returns to the crime spot then wait till a Crewmate to report a body, hit the report butten faster than the Crewmate and accuse him of murder instead.

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Among Us can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For PC players, you can purchase the game on Steam for US$4.99.

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