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How to Escape the Police in Need for Speed Heat

The police are indeed an important element in street racing games. In Need for Speed Heat, they can be very annoying and try hard to catch you. Of course, there are triggers that make you chased by the cops such as crashing or bumping into other cars or people around the police.

In fact, if you going off the road can make a cop follow you. Fighting the police in the NFS Heat is indeed very difficult, but you can still do it if you have the skills and determination. This time, Wowkia will discuss tips on escape the police on Need for Speed Heat.

How to Escape from Cops in Need for Speed Heat

If you want to escape from the police in Need for Speed Heat, you can follow a few tips below.

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How To Escape Police Need For Speed Heat
source: Engadget

General Tips to Escape the Police in Need for Speed Heat

The police are indeed assigned to maintain security, they do not like nighttime races that are clearly illegal. In the NFS Heat, cops are marked with a red arrow on the map. You will definitely see it often. However, sometimes they don’t appear on the map or maybe you drive too fast and attract their attention.

Running away is the only choice if you have been noticed by the police. You must leave a small circular area on the map where the police boundary is chasing. The circle will move together with the police and if you are near them, escaping will be more difficult.

Usually, players will take a detour and go at full speed to avoid it. After leaving the circle, you must survive for more than 15 seconds before the police lose track. After they calm down, you will see an “escaped” icon appear on the screen. It’s a good idea to keep looking at the mini-map after running away.

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This cop moves when you exceed the recommended speed so be careful with the signals given. Don’t try to fight the police if you are not good enough to drive.

Upgrades Tips

Escape Police Need For Speed Upgrade
source: Gamespot

Escape the police is indeed quite difficult in Need for Speed Heat, but you can also improve the ability of the car to make it easier. There are a number of upgrades that are only available when you reach a certain reputation, so it’s a good idea to know how to quickly increase your reputation.

The first upgrade is a Radar Disruptor that you can get at REP level 8. This technology will make your time to escape faster from the previous area. If you continuously improve this skill, then running away from a cop will become easier.

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The next upgrade is the Kill Switch Jammer. This skill makes you unable to be caught when you activate it. This upgrade is very useful when chasing.

After that, there is a damage reduction skill that reduces damage when the car crashes or is hit. This upgrade will be unlocked when your REP reaches level 15. The police will tend to hit the car or you will often lose control when using the Kill Switch Jammer, so you don’t have to worry about your car is badly damaged.

The latter is nitro and engine enhancement. When you use nitro, the car will go faster and the police can’t possibly catch up. Increasing the engine will make your speed more constant even though you no longer use nitro.

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So, that’s how to escape the police in Need for Speed Heat. If you need other tips, land a comment below and share the page.

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