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How to Get Fine Wood in Valheim

Building structures in Valheim can be done using ordinary wood. But there are different types of wood scattered in this game. For an instance, there are smooth wood and core wood. For this time we will discuss how to get Fine Wood in Valheim.

What is Valheim Fine Wood?

Fine wood is an item dropped from Birch and Oak trees. This tree is very rough to cut, so you’ll need a stronger tool. You can’t chop Birch or Oak with a Flint Axe, let alone a stone axe. At least, it would help if you had a bronze axe or a higher item.


  • Abyssal harpoon
  • Abyssal razor
  • Banded shield
  • Blackmetal atgeir
  • Blackmetal axe
  • Blackmetal knife
  • Blackmetal sword
  • Black metal shield
  • Black metal tower shield
  • Dyrnwyn
  • Finewood bow
  • Huntsman bow
  • Iron tower shield
  • Mead horn of Odin
  • Porcupine
  • Serpent scale shield
  • Silver shield
  • Tankard
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How to Get Fine Wood in Valheim

How To Get Fine Wood In Valheim
Birch | Wowkia

First, you need to prepare the Bronze axe. You can craft it in the Forge. Then, find some trees in the Meadows or Plains biome. Check the tree by hovering your cursor to the tree, and the name will pop up. Birch has a bright color and sleek shape, while oak is large and thick.

How To Get Fine Wood In Valheim 2
Oak | Wowkia

If you got Birch or Oak, start swinging the axe to the tree by clicking LMB. The base of the tree remains on the ground, and the log will fall. Continue chopping the log till it destroyed, the fine wood will appear.

Next, take it to your inventory by pressing the [E] key. Or to make it fast, just walk through the woodpile. Do it continuously until you have enough fine wood.

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Well, that is how to get Fine Wood in Valheim. We’ll talk about Core Wood the next time. Don’t forget to comment below and revisit us if you want more Valheim guides and tutorials.

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