How to Make a Piston in Minecraft

How To Make Piston Minecraft
How To Make Piston Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can make a piston. The items are one of the many mechanisms that be used to the basic ingredients of an automatic drive. This time, Wowkia will give you a tutorial on how to make a Piston in Minecraft.

So, let’s check the ingredients needed and how to make it.

Require Materials

If you want to make the piston in the game, you have to collect the following items:

  • Iron Ingot (1)
  • Wood Planks (3)
  • Redstone Dust (1)
  • Cobblestone (4)

How to Craft a Piston in Minecraft

If you had all the required materials, you can follow the instructions below. This is how to make a Piston in Minecraft.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Open the Crafting Table

Like making other items in Minecraft, you’ve to open your crafting table. Then, the 3×3 grids will appear like the place you put the ingredients.
Crafting Menu Minecraft

Add Ingredients

Next, you can put the ingredients including 1 Iron Ingot, 3 Wood Planks, 1 Redstone Dust, and 4 Cobblestones. Put the items in the exact pattern recipe, you can look at the image below. Otherwise, the item will not be created.

Fill over the first row of 3×3 grids with 3 Wood Planks. In the second row, put 1 Iron Ingot in the middle-box and the rest with 2 Cobblestones. Next, put 1 Redstone Dust in the middle-box in the third row, fill the rest with 2 Cobblestones.
How To Make Piston 2


After putting all the ingredients in the exact pattern, you’ll see a Piston appear in the right box of the crafting table. Now you can put the item in your inventory.
Piston Finish

Other Minecraft Tips

That’s how to make a Piston in Minecraft. This item can be used to make Dragon Egg. In addition, the piston can also be upgraded to Sticky Piston. Don’t forget to comment and share the page.

Source: Digminecraft