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How to Make Enchanter Table in Minecraft

In Minecraft, crafting the item is the usual thing to do. You can craft an item using a mediator like the Brewing Stand and the Furnace. But, we’ll talk about another important item that used to be enchanting the item. Wowkia will give you a tutorial on how to make an Enchanter Table in Minecraft.

So, let’s check the ingredients needed and how to make it below!

Require Materials

If you want to make this item, you need to have the following materials:

  • Book (1)
  • Diamond (2)
  • Obsidian (4)

How to Craft an Enchanter Table in Minecraft

Time needed: 5 minutes.

After you had all the required materials, you can follow the tutorial step-by-step. This is how to make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft.

  1. Open the Crafting Menu

    First, open your crafting table/menu and you’ll see the 3×3 grids.
    Crafting Menu Minecraft

  2. Add Ingredients

    Like we said before, you need 1 Book, 2 Diamonds and 4 Obsidians to make an Enchanting Table. Pay attention please, you must place the item in the exact pattern like the recipe. Put 1 Book in the middle-box of the first row. Then, put 1 Obsidian in the middle-box and the rest with 2 Diamonds in the second row. Last, fill over the third row with 3 Obsidians. Look at the image below for more.
    How To Make Enchanting Table 2

  3. Finish

    You’ll see the Enchanting Table appear in the right box of the crafting menu. The item can be placed in your inventory now.
    Enchanting Table Finish

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How to Open Enchanting Table

  1. Put your enchanting table on the Hotbar.
  2. Next, position your pointer (plus sign) on the block to place the enchanting table.
  3. Place bookshelves around it. More and more bookshelf will affect the enhancement. We recommend you place 15 bookshelves.
  4. You can build it like the image below.
  5. To start to enchant an item, you have to stand in front and interact with it.
How To Open Enchanter Table 1

That’s how to make an Enchanting Table in Minecraft. Now, you can craft other items like Enchanted Book. If you like this page, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Source: Digminecraft

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