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How to Make Bronze Atgeir in Valheim

Atgeir is a unique weapon in Valheim. It shapes like a spear but longer and it can not be used as a long-range weapon. For melee weapons, it has a fairly wide range. Therefore, we will give a guide on how to make Bronze Atgeir in Valheim.

Let’s check how to make it and what the required materials.

What is Valheim Bronze Atgeir?

The bronze atgeir is a polearm-type melee weapon. It is both the first atgeir and first polearm-type weapon encountered in the game. Bronze atgeirs increase the Polearms skill.


  • Left-click: The basic attack performs a stab, similar to the attack of a spear.
  • Middle-click: The middle mouse button performs a 360° AoE swipe. This damages and staggers enemies, causing them to take double damage for a short period of time (much like a parry).
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Do you want to make Bronze Atgeir? If so, here are the required materials:

How to Make Bronze Atgeir in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes.

In order to successfully make Bronze Atgeir, you can follow the instruction below:

  1. The Materials

    First, gather all the materials needed. You need 10 woods, 8 bronze, and 2 leather scraps. You can get woods by falling down trees, bronze from forging, and leather scraps by hunting the boars.
    How To Make Bronze Sword Atgeir In Valheim 3

  2. Open Crafting Menu

    Open the crafting menu by interacting with the Forge. You can make it after smelting copper. Press the [E] key to open the forge crafting menu.
    Forge Crafting Menu 2 Valheim

  3. Select Bronze Atgeir

    Then, select the bronze atgeir in the list. Also, you can see the weapon stat on the right side. Later, click the [Craft] button to start crafting it.
    How To Make Bronze Atgeir In Valheim 4

  4. Crafting Bronze Atgeir

    Wait for a minute, the process will take a short time. Now, you have Atgeir and you can also directly use it.
    How To Make Bronze Atgeir In Valheim 5

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Well, that’s how to make Bronze Atgeir in Valheim. In the next articles, Wowkia will give you tutorials on other metal weapons such as Sword, Mace, and Spear. So, stay tuned, and don’t forget to comment below.

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