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How To Master Free Kicks in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 has an exceptionally splendid free kick system among other soccer games like Pro Evolution Soccer. It has been significantly improved, and can be overwhelming at first. But worry not, after some practice you’ll find it fairly easy to master. Here are some tips on how to master free kicks in FIFA 20.

How To Do Free Kicks in FIFA 20

Time needed: 10 minutes.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to do free kicks in FIFA 20 by understanding the basic controls and following the instructions below. You can practice this effectively in the Practice Arena.

  1. Choose the right free kick taker

    To get the most out of a free kick, you need to select your best player at free kick. To do so, hold R2/RT, then select a player with a high free kick accuracy (FKA).Fifa 20 Free Kick Taker

  2. Aim your shot

    You’ll need to choose where to aim. Use the left stick to move the on-screen reticule. In some cases, you should move it slightly above or wide of the goal, depending on the type of shot you want to perform.Fifa 20 Free Kick Aim

  3. Learn player positioning

    Using the right stick, you can move your free kick taker to the right position. You can choose Default Run up (Normal), Straight Run up (Straight) or Run up from the side (Wide). Each position will affect your shot differently. Wide has an increased amount of spin and Straight will increase the spin for outside of the foot shots, where Normal is a balance between them.Fifa 20 Free Kick Run Up

  4. Set the shot power

    Shot power is determined by the length you hold the shot button. A low power shot will be more loopy, while a high power shot will be more driven and direct. Aiming towards the bottom of the net will also prioritize driven shots, allowing players to shoot under the wall. Keep in mind that the more power you choose, the less accurate your shot will be. Try to find a good balance between power and accuracy.Fifa 20 Free Kick Power

  5. Apply spin

    During the run up, you can apply spin to your shot. To do so, you need to use the Right stick. apply different spins, you need to perform gestures using the right stick as displayed below.
    Top Spin: Push the stick down, then up
    Side Spin: Push the stick down, and then rotate back to the top (clockwise or counterclockwise)
    Mixed:: Use a combination of Top Spin and Side Spin
    Knuckle Ball: Push the stick down, then up, then down againFifa 20 Free Kick Spin

  6. Use timed finishing

    The timed finishing mechanics allowing you to press the shot button right at the moment of the contact of the shot. If it is successful, this will reduce the amount of error, and increase the amount of spin applied to the shot. If it is not successful, it will dramatically increase the amount of error applied to your shot.Fifa 20 Free Kick Contact

  7. Practice makes perfect

    Learn those steps above deliberately. Spend more time in the Practice Arena, then try it in matches to impress your friends.Fifa 20

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And that’s how to master do kicks in FIFA 20. Practice it and eventually you can do a rabona free kick. Share this with your friends also, so you can improve together to master the art of FIFA.

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