PlayStation 5 User Interface Unveiled!

We have a lot of expectations about the next-gen console, and one of them is PlayStation 5. Recently, Sony unveils the PlayStation 5 UI led by Hideaki Nishino and Sid Shuman. Nishino-san says that the vision of PlayStation 5 is “we believe that your playtime is valuable and should be meaningful.”

Along with the UI, Sony also introduces some key features, namely Cards and Activities. In addition to that, these key features are all one button away, so it won’t interrupt your game. PlayStation wants to make the PlayStation 5 UI as simple and useful as possible, and I think it’s nice.

PlayStation 5: The New Features

So, what’s with these Cards and Activities in PlayStation 5? Well, to put it simply, it’s like a notification panel on your smartphone and RPG game-like quest guide. Cards are like many menus that you can click, either game-related info, chats, invites, and screenshot. On the other hand, Activities are like those quest guide on online RPG games. That means you can instantly jump to a mission, or the system is simply reminding you about what to do in the game.

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Sony improved the chats and parties in PlayStation 5 too. Now you can join a voice chat simply by pressing the PlayStation button. You can share your screen and share a screenshot to the group chat or other supported external services. To make things more convenience, the parties chat even have a spoiler warning to open an image that might contain spoiler. PogChamp.

I admit it; these Cards and Activities features are handy. Also, you can pin the cards or put them in a side-by-side view to your screen. This way, you can play while opening the quest info or watching the screen shares. Pretty cool, right?

Oh, Did I already mention that PlayStation Plus members are going to get a free walkthrough? That’s right; this feature is called Game Help. Now you don’t have to watch a video or read articles on the internet which might contain a spoiler. This Game Help feature will be available in Cards, so you don’t have to exit the game. However, this Game Help only available for some PlayStation 5 games.

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Alright, that’s all we know as of now. What do you think? Does this make you all hyped up for November?

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