There is an inventory system on Valheim. With it, you can bring the item and equipment along with you. Of course, your inventory has also been limited as you can only put 300 items. If you bring more than that, your character will be slowed and you can’t fight. It makes you prone to danger if you meet monsters on the way. Therefore, we will learn how to craft a chest in Valheim, another inventory to also store your item.

Let’s check the material needed and how to make it!

What is Valheim Chest?

Chests can be used to store items while you go on adventures, making sure you have plenty of room in your inventory to collect anything on your venture, or can be found in various Points of Interest (POI) with some valuables inside.

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In order to making Chest, you have to gather the following materials:

How to Craft a Chest in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes.

If you want to make a chest, you can follow the instruction below:

  1. Open Hammer Menu

    Complete the hammer in your hand, then click RMB. That will bring up the hammer menu.
    how to craft a chest in valheim 3

  2. Select Furniture

    In the menu, select the Furniture tab. You can also swipe it by pressing [Q/E].
    how to craft a chest in valheim 4

  3. Select Chest

    Next, select the chest from the furniture tab. At the bottom, you can look what materials needed. The chest recipe is 10 woods and a Workbench.
    how to craft a chest in valheim 5

  4. Craft a Chest

    Place the chest where you want. Click the LMB, and the chest will be crafted instantly.
    how to craft a chest in valheim 6

How to Use the Chest

how to use a chest in valheim 7

After crafting the chest, you can store many items on it. You can store up to 10 slots. The item count is still the same as the inventory.

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how to use a chest in valheim 9

If you want to move your items, you have to interact with the chest. Go closer and press the [E] key. The inventory and chest will pop up. Then pull them (click the items) from the inventory to the chest (the chest slot). Look at the 2 images that we share above.

Well, that is how to craft a Chest in Valheim. Don’t forget to comment below and revisit us if you want more Valheim guides and tutorials.