Chris Hemsworth Reveals His ‘Brutal’ Thor 4 Training Regimen

Every superhero across Marvel and DC has qualities that make them unique, but the one thing almost every character has in common is a godly physique. When it comes to comic book movie adaptations, this naturally requires the actors to get in impressive shape through an extensive training regimen, both in terms of achieving the coveted six-pack and building an extreme amount of muscle.

Having just recently donned a fat suit to play Avengers: Endgame’s broken God of Thunder, Hemsworth will be coming back bigger and fitter than ever for Thor: Love and Thunder, and the Australian star just discussed how he managed to pull it off.

How Did Chris Hemsworth Get Jacked for Thor 4?

In an interview with Disney, Thor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth explained the brutal training regimen that got him so jacked for his latest Marvel role.

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Hemsworth revealed the target weight for him to reach for Love and Thunder was “quite a ways above where [he’d] been before.” The actor called the process a “really fun exploration” as they experimented with different exercises and caloric adjustments to get him to the right level and “hold it for four months.”

The Australian icon also spoke with extratv to discuss his role in Spiderhead and was asked if he was able to take a break from training for the Netflix role as he remains fully clothed throughout. Hemsworth explained that wasn’t the case as he was in preparation for Love and Thunder at the time, which is why “[grows] throughout [Spiderhead] a fair bit:”

For an actor with the amount of muscle and weight-lifting experience of Hemsworth, it gradually becomes increasingly hard to make any significant gains, particularly in a short space of time. That naturally led to a lot of experimentation on the part of Hemsworth’s team to achieve these hefty weight goals set by either Marvel Studios or director Taika Waititi.

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