DC Cancels Michael Keaton’s Batman Cameo in Aquaman 2?

Recently, the internet was on fire thanks to Aquaman and Jason Momoa from The Lost Kingdom. In a new video on social media, the actor reveals that Ben Affleck is in the midst of reshooting the film and will return as Batman. But what can he shoot?

The audience last heard, Affleck was done with his role. Instead, it seems that Bruce Wayne of the DCEU is set to be Michael Keaton in the future. However, this was before The Flash was delayed.

Will Michael Keaton’s Batman Cameo Be Canceled?

Whispers originally pointed out how Keaton would appear in Momoa’s next adventure, but now that doesn’t make much sense, as audiences wouldn’t know why he’d be there if Ezra Miller’s solo outing hadn’t been released.

Now it looks like the change in release date is the reason why Affleck is back. According to insider KC Walsh, the latest news about Ben Affleck joining Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the result of the studio “replacing the Michael Keaton scene” that was once in the film “with Affleck.”

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In another tweet, a MyTimeToShineHello insider noted that it is true that Ben Affleck replaced Michael Keaton due to continuity issues arising from The Flash’s delay.

It makes sense that The Flash’s delay was the reason. Most viewers will be confused by Michael Keaton’s cameo, given that the reality-altering events in Ezra Miller’s film have yet to be released. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the project led by Jason Momoa will be released on March 17, 2023.

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