Idea For Chris Evans Cameo in Moon Knight Revealed

Among all the unconfirmed things, it turns out that there is something about Chris Evans Cameo in Moon Knight series that is coming as a new part of that project before it finishes on Disney Plus.

Many elements are the reason why people love this one show, one that gets a lot of attention is the final episode and when the show just revealed Jake Lockley. But another surprising thing turned out to exist.

About Chris Evans Cameo in Moon Knight

The way other Disney Plus shows relate to each other brings little things or at least character cameos in previous films or series that made their way to the MCU. For example, when Madripoor revealed, a location was first glimpsed in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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And things are revealed about other MCU characters in the Moon Knight show. Earlier in several interviews, Moon Knight’s chief writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater exclusively revealed to The Direct how he was “trying really hard to get Eternals into the show,” specifically Kumail Nanjani’s Kingo.

And then Slater had revealed another cameo idea that crossed their minds for Moon Knight: Chris Evan’s old man Steve Rogers. In an interview with Discussing Films, Moon Knight’s chief writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater commented on their choice to avoid connecting to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how there was almost a cameo from Chris Evans.

What’s more, he also reveals how they’ve been asking themselves “what happens if we try to bring back Chris Evans as the old Captain America,” and even consider “Dane Whitman from Eternals:” But it’s about the budget to bring them all in to spend a lot of money. money.

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Another reason why that couldn’t happen, was about the idea of ​​bringing him back, Captain America. Obviously, with the final product audiences are getting, Chris Evans’ return is going to feel odd.

If this is really the case, fans are just getting fan service and finding answers about what happened to Captain America aka Chris Evans in Endgame. If you want to watch the Moon Knight series as one of the Disney Plus shows, this one is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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