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Gandalf’s Best Movie Lines Don’t Come From The Lord of the Rings Books

The Lord of the Rings cast reunited with scriptwriter Philippa Boyens, director Peter Jackson and host Josh Gad on, “One Zoom To Rule Them All,” and raise money for charity.

Through quarantine, Gad has run the program, “Together Apart,” and the Lord of the Rings reunion is the newest offering. The return to Middle Earth comes almost two decades after the premiere of the first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring, the start of a cultural Renaissance for Lord of the Ring fans.

The final film, The Return Of The King, premiered December of 2003, wrapping the series, which made Peter Jackson a household name.

“You Shall Not Pass” Line Originally Not From the Book

Josh Gad’s YouTube channel broadcast the Zoom reunion, directed by James Merryman, produced by Meghan Monaco, with Taylor Stuewe acting as executive producer and editing by Will Newell. The cast swapped stories from their favorite parts of the shoot. New details about the films came to light.

[Gad] “Phillipa. Ian said you wrote lines that were even more exquisite, and I quote than J.R.R Tolkien.”

[Boyens] “I’m a good mimic. But you know what, you know what I have to say, Fran and I sometimes, you know, I know you do some writing, Josh, you know, exposition, it’s just a killer, and you know all of these brilliant actors had to leverage lines off the page, and every now and then we’d get this really tricky exposition and Fran and I would just look at each other and go, ‘It’s fine, Ian’ll get it off the page.” [group laughter]

[McKellan] ‘Uh, Gandalf doesn’t say, ‘You shall not pass’ in the book. [clip from The Fellowship of the Ring] he says, ‘you can not pass.’

Yep, it is a DAMN mindblowing revelations right? So, what do you all think guy? You feel surprise after knowing it?

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