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Spider-Man’s Organic Web Shooters Were James Cameron’s Idea

The famous organic webs in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man was James Cameron’s idea. The 2002 film took some liberties with the characters, but one of the more talked about changes was straying from the comics version of Peter Parker’s webs.

In the comics, Parker devolved a formula that he would use to create the web while the film had him naturally acquire the webs after his brush with a genetically engineered spider. This change in Parker’s origin would play a key plot point in the sequel as Parker struggled with temporarily losing his powers in Spider-Man 2.

Originally, It is James Cameron Idea

James Cameron Spider Man Movie
James Cameron Spider Man Movie |ScreenRant

In an interview with IGN, screenwriter David Koepp revealed that he got the idea for Parker’s organic webs from a 45-page script treatment written by James Cameron.

Koepp says he was a fan of the treatment because it took Spider-Man seriously and treated him like an actual person with real problems. In regards to the web shooters Koepp admitted, “…that was his idea and I was happy to use it.” Both The Amazing Spider-Man and the MCU’s take on the character would switch back to the home-made version of webs that were used in the comics.

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Significant to Peter Parker’s Character

Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker |Reddit

The organic web shooters were a controversial alteration to the source material when they were first announced, upsetting a number of die-hard fans. However, when Spider-Man came out, audiences saw that they worked fine within the context of the film and easily accepted them.

The organic web shooters were even eventually integrated into the Spider-Man comics, illustrating how much the perception surrounding them changed over time. They also helped underscore one of Spider-Man’s themes as a metaphor for puberty.

As Parker’s body started to grow into an adult and go through subtle changes, it also went through the much more obvious changes of getting super powers. So now, what do you all think about this little fun fact guys?

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