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Suicide Squad Original Cut Is Just As Dark As Joker?

Though it did well at the box office, it received mostly negative reviews. As time has gone on, Ayer has been more open about the final version of the film not representing his intended vision. After hinting at it for awhile, he confirmed recently his cut of Suicide Squad does exist and is nearly complete.

Many of the director’s cut details Ayer has revealed involve the film’s darkness. From what he’s said in the past, his version was much darker than what Warner Bros. released.

For example, last week Ayer revealed Joker (Jared Leto) originally killed Monster T (Common) by intimidating him into ending his own life. Another cut Joker scene featured Leto with a burned face following the movie’s helicopter crash.

Compared to Joker’s Tone Movie

It also explains a comparison Ayer made today, likening his director’s cut of Suicide Squad to 2019’s Joker.

The Todd Phillips film was both critically acclaimed and extremely dark, with Joaquin Phoenix winning an Oscar for his performance.

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Ayer began his comparison by discussing a scene that was reshot for being “too dark,” calling Joker “terrifying.” He then followed this up by saying his Suicide Squad was like “if Todd Phillips film The Joker was reshot and recut because it was too dark — This is EXACTLY what happened to Suicide Squad.”

Hopefully Ayer Release The Director’s Cut

It’s possible – or even likely – Suicide Squad‘s role in the DCEU was a factor. Movies that are part of a big franchise typically have more rules and limitations so they work cohesively with the rest of the series.

Though Warner Bros. and DC weren’t keen on Ayer’s vision for Suicide Squad at the time, it doesn’t mean fans will never see his cut. After all, the long-awaited Snyder Cut release announcement has changed the game forever.

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Well, let’s just wait & see shall we?

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