Will Beta Ray Bill Be Coming Soon to the MCU?

The fourth Thor film in the MCU sets Gorr’s story as a villain and ends himself in it. Previous characters have also appeared in this one, including bringing back Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif, a character of significant significance in the history of the titular Asgardian MCU.

Lady Sif also has the impact of a fight with Gorr which we, unfortunately, didn’t show, but reveals that there was a deleted scene for it. However, we get to see her again after the Asgardian warrior was nowhere to be found during Hela’s arrival in Thor: Ragnarok, which caused many questions about her whereabouts.

Why is there no Beta Ray Bill yet?

Unfortunately, Gorr as God butcher doesn’t realize the hopes of one of the fans in the film Love and Thunder in theaters. In addition to Gorr’s appearance which almost disappointed some fans, it has also not been shown and brought Beta Ray Bill as an important character based on the comics.

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But a few times ago, ahead of the worldwide premiere of Love and Thunder, the returning Marvel actress pitched spinoff ideas about her character. Jaimie Alexander, who plays MCU’s Lady Sif in Thor: Love and Thunder, asked fans on Instagram for their story idea, should her character be starring in her own potential Disney+ series in the future.

Of course, the fans wanted the possible inclusion of Beta Ray Bill. Alexander also tagged Marvel Comics writer and Beta Ray creator Bill Walter Simonson in his post. This might actually happen in the future, if the MCU is considering bringing in that character, maybe soon, or using the Multiverse.

In Marvel Comics, Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill are romantically involved. They fall in love and Sif offers to accompany Bill on his ship, the Skuttlebutt, as he battles the demons. An interesting fact is Thor 4 director Taika Waititi and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s director James Gunn both liked Alexander’s post, hinting that the director’s couple had ideas about the future of the MCU character.

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