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The Umbrella Academy Will Get Big Changes in Season 2

The Umbrella Academy

The composer for Netflix’s dystopian superhero series The Umbrella Academy, Jeff Russo, teases big changes in season 2, including a new setting and new characters.

The series, which is an adaptation of a comic book created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá and published by Dark Horse Comics, premiered on the streamer in February 2019. The show was very successful, and Netflix quickly renewed it for a second season. Russo composed the score for both the first and second seasons.

Big Changes in Season 2 spoke to Russo in an exclusive interview and asked if there was anything he could share about the upcoming season. He said, “there’s definitely a big change in setting, that’s for sure,” referring to the big cliffhanger at the end of season 1. Continuing, Russo talked about his approach to creating the score.

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“We use score in a very meaningful way to support the emotional arcs of all of our characters in season one. We’ll be doing that again in season two.

There are some new characters that we’re going to be having some fun with from a score perspective and that’s always fun, coming up with new thematic ideas for new characters and how to underscore them.

So there’s a lot of new and then there’s a lot of the same. It’s a lot of both, but it’s definitely a thrill ride this year”.

About The Umbrella Academy

Starring Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, and many others, the show follows an adoptive family of siblings, all born on the same day, brought together by a man named Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

Each was born with a superpower, and Hargreeves raised and trained them to be superheroes. At the beginning of season one, the siblings are brought back together after Hargreeves dies, having split apart over the years due to many family issues.

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When their long-lost brother Number Five returns from the future, he brings news of the apocalypse that’s supposed to happen in the next few days. Throughout the first season, the siblings all come together to try to stop the world from ending, and things get pretty crazy.

So after reading it, are you all now even excited for the Season 2 later?

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