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5 Best Weapons to Use in Call of Duty Mobile

The Weapon is the biggest factor in winning a First Person Shooter game. Every weapon has the pron and cons. There are several weapons that can be categorized as weapons that have better abilities than other weapons.

So, Wowkia will give you some recommendations about the 5 best weapons that should be used in a Call of Duty Mobile.

5 Best Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile


Ak 47 Min
Ak 47 | Gamesradar

In any FPS game, AK-47 has always been a favorite weapon of gamer. This weapon has great damage for close and medium range.

But, You must be patient with the level of accuracy. Because, it very difficult to control.

2. M4

M4 | Bluestack

This weapon is still classified as an Assault Rifle, and it seems to be the best weapon in the Assault Rifle class

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The specialty is the level of accuracy that almost reaches 70% is equipped with low recoil. In addition, this weapon is suitable for use at close-range, medium-range, and long-range.

3. Striker

Striker Call Of Duty Mobile Min
Striker Call Of Duty Mobile | Dexerto

It’s a shotgun weapon. Same as other shotgun weapons, this weapon is great when used in close range. This weapon has big damage in close range, even it can kill the enemy with two hits.

4. M4MLG

M4mlg Min
M4mlg | Youtube

This weapon has a very large bullet capacity. Thus, this weapon is suitable for players who are concerned with efficiency.

You will be free to shoot enemies without having to be complicated to reload bullet. In fact, because it’s too efficient. This weapon can kill four enemies in one reload.

5. Arctic-50

Artic 50 Min
Artic 50 | Digit

Artic-50 is a sniper type weapon which effectively kills enemies over long distances. n addition, you can also add a suppresor with the risk you will get shorter of your shooting range.

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