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Skyrim Potion Guide: How to Make and Recipe

For open-world RPG games, potions are very common to find. This item will provide several effects that really help player finish the game. In Skyrim, you can also make alchemical potions. This time, I will provide Skyrim potion guides: how to make and the ingredients.

Skyrim Potion Recipe

Skyrim Potion Recipes
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There are two different subdivisions of potions.

  • Potions that help by restoring health/Magicka/stamina, fortifying an ability or the effect of the ability, or otherwise benefiting the Dragonborn.
  • Poisons, on the other hand, are applied to weapons and detrimentally affect the targeted character.

You can look at the entire Skyrim potion below:

Healing PotionBlue Mountain Flower and Wheat.Restore and Fortify Health
Regenerate HealthJuniper Berries and Namira’s RotRegenerate Health
Magicka PotionCreep Cluster and Red Mountain FlowerRestore Magicka
Regenerate Magicka
Jazbay Grapes and Salmon Roe
Regenerate Magicka and Fortify Magicka
Salt Pile and GarlicRegenerate Magicka
Stamina PotionPurple Mountain Flower and Torchbug ThoraxRestore Stamina
Purple Mountain Flower and BeeRestore Stamina
Regenerate StaminaScaly Pholiota and Mora TapinellaRegenerate Stamina
Fortify StaminaLavender and GarlicFortify Stamina
Fortify BarterTundra Cotton, Dragon’s TongueFortify Barter
Fortify DestructionNightshade and Glowing MushroomFortify Destruction
Fortify EnchantingSnowberries and Blue Butterfly WingFortify Enchanting
Fortify Light ArmorSkeever Tail and Luna Moth WingFortify Light Armor
Fortify LockpickingNamira’s Rot and Spider EggFortify Lockpicking
Namira’s Rot and Pine Thrush EggFortify Lockpicking
Namira’s Rot and Falmer EarFortify Lockpicking
Fortify MarksmanCanis Root and Juniper BerriesFortify Marksman
Fortify One-HandedCanis Root and Juniper BerriesFortify One-Handed
Canis Root and Bear ClawsFortify One-Handed
Fortify PickpocketBlue Dartwing and Orange DartwingFortify Pickpocket
Fortify SmithingPurple Mountain Flower and Frost MirriamFortify Smithing
Fortify SneakPurple Mountain Flower and Frost MirriamFortify Sneak
Fortify Two-HandedFly Amanita and Dragon’s TongueFortify Two-Handed
Fortify RestorationCryodilic Spadetail and Abecean LongfinFortify Restoration
Cyrodilic Spadetail and Salt PieFortify Restoration
Resist FireSnowberries and Dragon’s TongueResist Fire
Resist FrostSnowberries, Purple Mountain Flower and Dragon’s TongueResist Frost
Resist Fire, Frost and ShockSnowberries and Glowing MushroomResist Fire, Frost and Shock
Resist MagicLavender and Tundra CottonResist Magic
Resist PoisonGrass Pod and Thistle BranchResist Poison
Cheap DamageDeathbell, Imp Stool and Mora TapinellaDamage Health and Lingering Damage Health
Quick DamageDeathbell, Skeever Tail and Giant LichenDamage Health, Rave Health and Weakness to Poison
Damage over time and ParalyzeMora Tapinella, Imp Stool and Canis RootLingering Damage Health and Paralysis
Damage and SlowDeathbell, Imp Stool and Salt PieDamage Health and Slow
Damage Health and Damage Magicka RegenDeathbell, Nightshade and Blue Mountain FlowerDamage Health and Damage Magicka Regen
Lingering Damage MagickaWheat and Purple Mountain FlowerLingering Damage Magicka
Fortify Carry WeightScaly Pholiota and Creep ClusterFortify Carry Weight and Weakness to Magic
Giant’s Toe and Creep ClusterFortify Carry Weight
InvisibilityLuna Moth Wing and NirnrootInvisibility
Luna Moth Wing and Vampire DustInvisibility and Regenerate Health
Luna Moth Wing and Chaurus EggsInvisibility and Damage Magicka
Luna Moth Wing and Ice Wraith TeethInvisibility
Cure DiseaseMudcrab Chitin and Charred Skeever HideRestore Stamina, Resist Poison and Cure Disease
Mudcrab Chitin and Vampire DustCure Disease
Mudcrab Chitin and Hawk FeathersCure Disease
Salmon Roe and HistcarpWaterbreathing
Histcarp and Chicken’s EggWaterbreathing
Nordic Barnacle and HistcarpWaterbreathing
Fast Levelling and Quick MoneySalmon Roe, Chicken’s Egg and GarlicWaterbreathing, Regenerate Magicka
Giant’s Toe, Bear Claws and Hanging MossFortify Health, Fortify One-Handed and Damage Magicka Regen

How to Get The Ingredients

You can find most of the ingredients in the Skyrim realm. Some only need to be picked, and some items can only be obtained by defeating bosses. Other than that, you can buy out all the alchemy ingredients from their respective shops and wait 48 hours for them to re-stock.

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If there is a glitch, you can follow these following works with shopkeepers.

  • Buy every ingredient.
  • Then, save your game.
  • Next, kill the shopkeeper.
  • Load the save file.
  • Later, repeat that and the shopkeeper will respawn.

Perk and Enchantments

Several things can help you in your concoction, by Perk and Upgrading. The Perk from the alchemy tree will give you the ability to make potions more easily and effectively. So you have to upgrade each branch.

  • The Benefactor perk makes your potions’ positive effects 25% stronger.
  • Physician boosts the strength of your restorative potions 25% stronger.
  • Each rank in the tree will increase the strength of your resulting potion by 20% to 100%.
  • Poisoner perk gives 25% extra strength to your poisons.
  • Concentrated poison will let your poison affect a second time
  • Purity allows you to remove the negative effects that certain potions inflict on you. But it also de-values certain potion combinations.
  • Green Thumb allows you to save your ingredients which means you will have to grind less for your potions.
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You can actually increase your potions in general by using enchanted gear. When you unlock the ‘Fortify Alchemy’ charm, you can place this in:

  • Headgear
  • Gloves or Bracers
  • Rings
  • Necklaces

How to Make Skyrim Potion

Alchemy Table Skyrim
Alchemy Table Skyrim | Reddit

Once you know Potions recipes, you should know how to make them. If you’ve been playing Skyrim long enough, you know about the Alchemy table. It is the workbench to make the potion.

Head to the Alchemy table which will show you all the potion lists. Select one of them, and it will open the ingredients list. Generally, you only need 2 ingredients to make a potion, but you can add the third ingredient for more effects.

As you make these potions, you will continue to discover new properties for ingredients. It gives you the ability to create more and more options.

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So, that’s Skyrim potion guide: recipe and how to make it. Wowkia also provides many other game guides such as Minecraft and Valheim. If you are interested, you can follow us, comment below, and revisit us.

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