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How to Make Bronze Sword in Valheim

If you are talking about the weapon in the survival game, you must be thinking about Sword. The same as other games, you can craft this item in Valheim. At the start of the game, you can’t make a great sword. So, we will learn how to make your first Bronze Sword in Valheim.

Let’s check how to make it and what the materials needed.

What is Valheim Bronze Sword?

It is the weapon that you can use in Valheim. Bronze Sword will be unlocked after you discover Bronze. You can craft it in the Forge level 1. This weapon gives 35 slash damage, 3x backstab, and 40 knockback. Bronze Sword is the first sword before you make Iron Sword.


To make the this item, you need to have the following material:

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How to Make Bronze Sword in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes

If you want make Bronze Sword, just follow the steps below:

  1. The Materials

    First, you need to gather the required materials to make this weapon. As you can see above, the Bronze Sword recipe includes 2 planks of wood, 2 leather scraps, and the important 8 bronze.
    How To Make Bronze Sword Atgeir In Valheim 3

  2. Open Crafting Menu

    As we mentioned before, you can make a metal-based weapon in the Forge. You can interact with the Forge by coming closer and press the [E] key.
    Forge Crafting Menu 2 Valheim

  3. Select Bronze Sword

    The crafting menu will pop up, you can see the list of items. Select the bronze sword in the list and you can look at the item stat on the right side. Then, click the {Craft] button to start making it.
    How To Make Bronze Sword In Valheim 4

  4. Crafting Bronze Sword

    Now, you need to wait for a second till the indicator gets full. Once done, the bronze sword will be placed in your inventory automatically.
    How To Make Bronze Sword In Valheim 5

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Well, that’s how to make Bronze Sword in Valheim. In the next articles, Wowkia will give you tutorials on other metal weapons such as Atgeir, Mace, and Spear. So, stay tuned, and don’t forget to comment below.

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