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How to Get Enameled Glass in Subnautica: Below Zero

To explore deeper under the sea, players usually need a lot of oxygen in Subnautica. However, there is an item called Enameled Glass in Subnautica: Below Zero. This item can also be used to explore further.

Enameled Glass is a material that you can use to make underwater vehicles like Seatruck more powerful. By using this vehicle, you can explore further underwater without worrying about oxygen.

However, Enameled Glass is quite difficult to produce. But, if you really want to explore better and deeper under the sea, make Enameled Glass to make Seatruck stronger.

Enameled Glass in Subnautica: Below Zero

Get Enameled Glass Subnautica Below Zero
Get Enameled Glass Subnautica: Below Zero | Game Rant

Before following the directions below, make sure you get Seatruck first. Because you won’t be able to get the blueprint for making Enameled Glass if you don’t have Seatruck yet. So, before making Enameled Glass, you have to get the blueprints first by opening Seatruck. After you have that vehicle, now follow the directions below.

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Enameled Glass is an item that you can make in a Fabricator. To make one Enameled Glass, you need three items; glass, lead, and diamonds. You can combine these three objects in the Fabricator, and later it will be made of Enameled Glass.

Indeed, making Enameled Glass in Subnautica: Below Zero game isn’t difficult at all. However, what is difficult here is getting the materials to make Enameled Glass. So, if you want to make this basic material in large quantities, you should first collect the necessary materials, namely glass, lead, and diamonds.

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