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WOW! Arrow’s Series Finale Footage Was a Recycle Footage

Susanna Thompson Moira Queen

The series finale of Arrow was a satisfying conclusion to the long-running superhero drama, and resolved the story arcs of the remaining characters.

The final episode brought together Oliver Queen’s friends and family, including those who had died in previous seasons. This included his mother, Moira Queen, his best friend Tommy Merlyn, and Quentin Lance.

It Was A Used Old Seasons Scene

Based on that Twitter status, Marc Guggenheim revealed that scenes from season 2 that were cut at the time, were utilized for the opening moments of the series finale.

Guggenheim posted two pages of the script that were recycled, along with a caption that reads, “This is the original opening for Arrow Ep. 223. It was cut for time, but we shot it and utilized that footage for the opening moments of the series finale. (Rather than returning to the location, Production recreated the woods on a sound stage.)

The script pages show Oliver Queen imagining a scenario in which he was able to save his mother, Moira, from Slade Wilson. Moira had been killed by Slade in the primary, Arrow timeline in season 2.

This is the scene that was recycled and used in the series finale, and also saved the show’s creators from returning to the same location. This scene was usable in the finale because when the multiverse was rebooted by Oliver, the rebooted universe had a version of Moira that survived the season 2 encounter with Slade.

Not The First Time Done It

This is not the first time that Guggenheim has given Arrow fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse. Guggenheim has been posting old Arrow script pages on his Twitter account over the last few days.

An example is a tweet with three pages of a fake script that were used to prevent leaking Tommy Merlyn’s death in season 1. The fake script pages showed a bitter Tommy vowing to kill Oliver in order to avenge his father Malcolm Merlyn. In reality, the real scene from season 1 showed Oliver and Tommy reconciling before Tommy’s death, so this was a huge misdirect.

DAMN you Guggenheim LOL! Now, what do you all think about this guys?