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Boruto Chapter 52: The Beastly Naruto Final Form Unleashed!

Have you checked out Boruto Chapter 52? The battle is getting crazy. As the previous chapter showed us, Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke went into another dimension to battle Isshiki Otsutsuki. They wanted to keep Isshiki’s hands off his vessel, Kawaki, and keep Konoha safe from total destruction.

However, things were not looking good. Isshiki pushed Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke to their limit. Boruto’s plan to slow Isshiki by threatening to kill himself didn’t work. But, why did Boruto come to this?

It was because Isshiki needed to sacrifice Boruto to the Ten-Tails to grow the Divine Tree. But, Isshiki didn’t care and proceeded to beat the shit out of the three of them. It was then, at that time, our boi Naruto and Kurama decided to do something. Something so powerful to the point it’s deadly for the user, much like Guy’s Gate of Death.



You have been warned. Proceed with caution!

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Before we continue, I think you should know that Masashi Kishimoto, the OG Author, has returned. He’ll write the story from Boruto Chapter 52 and onward. For me, I see this as a good move. We need to spice things up a bit.

Boruto Chapter 52: Naruto Bargon Mode

Boruto Chapter 52: Naruto's Bargon Mode
Boruto Chapter 52: Naruto’s Bargon Mode

Behold, this is Naruto Bargon Mode! The latest Naruto form, and this might be his true final form. Sasuke’s initial Plan was to hold Isshiki in the other dimension as long as possible. This was to waste Isshiki’s life span and prevented him from being reborn by using his vessel, Kawaki. As things went wrong, Sasuke and Boruto were wrecked.

Naruto uses his last breath to enter Bargon Mode and gamble his destiny. This Bargon Mode is so powerful that it actually pushes Isshiki back. However, this great power comes with a great cost.

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This Bargon Mode enables Naruto to create a whole new level of power and energy. Kurama explains that this power is created by using his and Naruto’s chakra (life force) altogether.

This one is different from the Kurama Mode and the Sage of Six Paths Mode. Both of those modes is achieved by acquiring and manipulating chakra from outside. However, Bargon Mode is made by sacrificing Naruto’s own chakra and the Tailed Beast chakra. This might lead to sacrificing their lives.

Naruto Bargon mode gives Naruto a heightened power and reaction speed. Kurama instructs Naruto to fight efficiently because unnecessary moves will shorten the Bargon Mode duration. As Naruto begins to push Isshiki back, the Bargon Mode is starting to taking a toll on his body.

Naruto falls on his knees, but then Isshiki starts spitting blood from his mouth. The truth is, Naruto’s Bargon Mode attacks burn Isshiki life force away and shortening his life span. Then, this battle has become a last-man standing.

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Isshiki charges Naruto in desperation and chokes him. Suddenly, Kawaki enters the dimension, and everybody is like, “Oh, shit.”. Isshiki is actually using Naruto’s chakra to detect Kawaki and summon him. He’s able to do this because Kawaki’s right prosthetic arm is linked with Naruto’s Chakra.

Once again, we have to wait a month to find out the conclusion. Will Isshiki reborn? Will this be the end of Naruto and Sasuke? Will Sasuke and Boruto step up their game? Or maybe Kawaki will fight Isshiki? As he has shown his distaste for Karma.

Opinions on Boruto Chapter 52 and Boruto’s Future

Boruto Characters
Boruto Characters

To be honest, I hope Naruto and Sasuke die in glorious death. Why? Because I think Boruto needs something big to develop his characters. He needs to stop relying on his father and mentor and get his shit together. Kishimoto’s returns on Boruto Chapter 52 indicate that this will happen. But, who knows? Kishimoto is responsible for Naruto and friends’ character development all over the Naruto Manga. So, I think he surely knows a thing or two about character development. Blow our mind, please.

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I’m gonna talk about the Boruto anime a little bit, but know that I don’t actually watch them all. From what I know, it doesn’t feel right. Watching Boruto anime feels like watching a junior high and his friend’s daily life. It’s somewhat boring. So, I think the side characters in Boruto need some good development too.

Overall, Boruto manga/anime still has a promising future. It just needs to be handled well. They need to focus on the current-gen shinobi and show us how they are gonna take the role of the strongest and badass shinobi in the future. They need to be free from Naruto and Sasuke shadows.

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