The Eternals Cast Confirmed: Kit Harington Joins MCU

The Eternals

Marvel knows how to hit its fans with the news after the news. Kevin Feige announced that Kit Harington and Gemma Chan will cast and play on their current movie project – The Eternals.

It has been days we heard that Kit Harington will join Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since it leaked to the public unofficially, some doubt the truth of the news . For fans who believe the possibility, they speculate that he might cast as Wolverine which originally starred by Hugh Jackman.

I was holding my breath, hoping that was a false rumor because I could not bear watching Wolverine without Jackman. Fortunately, Marvel confirmed that Kit Harington plays The Eternals, taking the role of Dane Whitman or known as Black Knight.

Harington becomes popular because of his appearance in Games of Thrones. With the face and body like him, he more likely fits the image of Marvel characters.

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The Eternals will not release until November 6th, 2020. It seems that we need to wait a little longer watching how it will turn since the movie is full of superheroes and great cast members such as Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, and others.

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