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Fall Guys Will Delete The “Worst Team” If Their Tweets Reach One Million Retweets

Fall Guys Twitter Account Promises To Delete Yellow Team

The yellow team seems to have some weird stigma attached to them and has become a running joke. It’s even the source of memes within the Fall Guys community. The official Fall Guys Twitter account tweets that they will delete an entire team from the game in exchange for tweets. With the multiplayer game mode, the meta can push certain characters and teams to the bottom. One of the most recent and notable examples is the Fall Guys’ Yellow Team. It is the other teams frequently gang up on to force an elimination. Unfortunately for the Yellow Team, the official Fall Guys Twitter account has not only noticed but also joined in on the gentle ribbing.

Recently, the official Fall Guys Twitter account shared a screenshot. A Slack conversation between a developer and the social media manager. The developer, Alex, noted that he could completely delete the Yellow Team. He shows its place in the game’s programming next to a “Delete” option. In response, OliverAge24 jokingly told Alex to “get ready to press” the button. Addressing the Fall Guys community, the Twitter account pledged that Alex would delete the Yellow Team if its tweet got a million retweets.

Yellow Team would be deleted after one million retweets

After only twelve hours, the announcement has already amassed over 147,000 retweets. The Fall Guys’ account responding to the tweet and did admit that this movement initially started as a joke. However, the tweet did confirm that if it would delete the Yellow Team from the battle royale. Only if the tweet reaches one million retweets.

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Although many people proceeded to joke about the Yellow Team’s penchant for losing in the comments, others instead aimed Fall Guys‘ team minigames in general, claiming that they weren’t as fun as their solo counterparts. However, both the team minigames and the Yellow Team had defenders. Between Yellow Team memes, one player jokingly called the Blue Team the “true enemies.” and others pointed out that they never had problems with the team games.

While not many of these pervasive one million retweet challenges reach their goals, the Fall Guys tweet might manage to hit that incredible milestone. At the time of publication, the number of retweets is still rising at a rapid pace. As OliverAge24 noted, if the challenge is successful, this tweet would become the nineteenth most retweeted post on Twitter. Considering Fall Guys’ runaway success, this achievement would not be the ridiculous moment in the battle royale’s history.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout‘ battle royale is fun, but some of the mini-games are difficult. Besides the team mini-games, Jump Showdown is one of them, because we need a good tactic to win in this part.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4.

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