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YES! New Batman WB Montreal Game Allow Us to Play as Bat-Family Member

We’ve been waiting to see what WB Montréal is up to for what feels like an eternity.

The developer has been teasing a new Batman game since September of last year, with mysterious social media posts hinting at a game featuring the Court of Owls. Fast forward to now and we’re still none the wiser, really, save for a fresh report that claims to have some extra details.

Not New Arkham Game

Geeks WorldWide has the supposed scoop. According to the site, “Sources close to GWW” are saying this new Batman game is a “soft reboot”. In other words, this isn’t a Batman Arkham title, it’s the start of a new fiction.

Apparently, the initial plan was a direct sequel to Arkham Knight starring Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son, but this project was cancelled. The site claims this fresh start will kick off a new “DC Game Universe” when it releases this Fall. Furthermore, Rocksteady’s next game will apparently also be set within this DC Game Universe.

GWW also claims to know WB Montréal’s game will feature co-op of some sort and a “playable Batfamily”. Presumably this means you’ll be able to take control of characters such as Robin and Catwoman as well as the Caped Crusader himself.

Finally Can Play as Bat-Family Member

Bat-Family | Reddit

FINALLY, after a long-long time waiting. We’re finally can play as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, hell even maybe Batwoman considering her Arrowverse success.

Well technically, you could play as one of them in previous Arkham series. But yeah, that’s a DLC. And usually, a DLC, never ever considered as an official. So yeah, you could say that this is finally, the first time ever!

So what do you think about this guys?

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