Pokemon Home Let The Players Trade With Friend, BUT…

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Exactly what we needed right now, good news. The cloud storage service Pokemon Home adds the ability to trade with registered friends online as well as local play, but not forever, that is the bad news. The Pokemon Company’s cloud storage companion Pokemon Home was downloaded for more than a million times in its first week of release.

The Pokemon Company’s cloud storage companion Pokemon Home was downloaded over a million times on mobile devices in its first week of release. Not only does it offer trainers the opportunity to store monsters inaccessible in Sword and Shield, but it also allows them to trade between titles like Let’s Go, Pikachu, and Let’s Go, Eevee; as well as trade over the Internet using the GTS and Wonder Box systems.

Pokemon Home’s mobile component updated to version 1.1.0. last week, making it compatible with Sword and Shield’s DLC. It also fixed several bugs while adding the “Battle Data” feature that allows users to check their own and other players’ online records for ranked battles and competitions.

Most importantly for players who utilize trading services, “enhancements” were implemented such as shortening the time needed to complete Wonder Box trades, providing up to 10 free group Room Trades, and also opening up the Friend Trade feature online rather than just local play.

Unfortunately, the update says these enhancements for Pokemon Home will only be available for a limited time. There’s no indication as to when they will go away, just the promise that a second notice will go out to tell players when it will be ending, so anyone interested in sending a Pokemon to one of their registered friends around the world should get on that as soon as possible.

It’s strange for Pokemon Home to add useful features such as trading friends around the world for a limited time, especially when Pokedex live service requirements are difficult to achieve and might be easier with this feature. Maybe the limited edition is a test for the permanent version ahead, but with online trading already available, this seems very difficult.

Along with this addition came a number of disclosures due to connectivity with the Sword and the Isle of Armor DLC. Players can determine 21 new moves through Pokemon Home after an updated version is put in place, a move that is likely to match the new monsters that come with Pokemon that return in two expansions.

With the Isle of Armor DLC coming in June, meanwhile, Pokemon Sword and Shield have been keeping small-scale events for players. Galatian’s hidden ability Mime is currently available through mystery prizes, but anyone who wants to trade this new addition with a friend through Pokemon Home must act quickly. Because this feature is really helpful for every player around the world a temporary time.

Pokemon Home is now available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.