Why Doom Patrol Is Only DC Universe Series On HBO Max

The superhero show, which debuted on DC’s streaming service in 2019, has proven to be a popular addition to the DC Universe roster, and was met with mainly positive reviews by critics too.

That led to the show being renewed, with DC officially announcing in summer 2019 that Doom Patrol season 2 would premiere on both DC Universe and HBO Max. Many fans wondered why the show was the only DC Universe property to cross over to the new streaming service, aside from that fact that HBO Max wants to bolster its DC content upon launch.

The Reason

But now HBO Max’s content chief Kevin Reilly has revealed to Business Insider that it’s thanks to the show’s hefty budget. In a wide-ranging interview, Reilly said that it was necessary to bring Doom Patrol to HBO Max in order to service a larger fan base, and thus justify its higher budget compared to other DC Universe shows like Titans. He said:

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“DC is such a valuable entity to us and the depth of fandom is so important. So we really want to figure out how we walk this line for fans where we have a deep fan engagement, which is why DCU was designed, and a broader fan engagement.

That is evolving but there were high-end series that DCU produced that felt like, budgetarily, we could handle from a business model better, and bring along and service that swath of fans. Doom Patrol was a show we identified that had deep love for it and tucked right into our portfolio.”

OH WOW! So yeah guys, what do you all think about all of this?

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