Since the announcement of King of Fighters 15 in January, SNK Playmore, as the developer, has started to reveal one-by-one new characters for this game, one of which is Yuri Sakazaki.

In the trailer that you can see below, Yuri Sakazaki gets an excellent visual development compared to the previous series. For those players who really like Yuri Sakazaki, of course, this is a very satisfying gift.

VIDEO: Yuri Sakazaki is Coming to King of Fighters 15

What’s more, not only did she get a much better visual development than in the previous series, here Yuri Sakazaki also got various other enhancements, such as strength and others.

Besides, Yuri Sakazaki will also be played by one of the most famous voices in anime, Ai Kakuma. Of course, with her firm and cute voice, this is a more bonus that is sure to cheer up players who love the character Yuri Sakazaki.

Yuri Sakazaki is Coming to King of Fighters 15 and Will be Actoring by Ai Kakuma
Yuri Sakazaki Voices Actor, Ai Kakuma | Facebook

What’s more, in the trailer Yuri Sakazaki also seems to have gotten a new skill. Because I don’t really like this character, I don’t really know all the skills she has. However, it certainly looks like she did get a new skill in King of Fighters 15.

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Apart from that, the King of Fighters 15 game itself is reportedly slated for release in 2021. Until now, there is still no information regarding the exact date this game will be released. However, Wowkia will tell you more information regarding this game if SNK Playmore has announced it.