Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor Need Change This in Thor 4

Based on the comics, Mighty Thor will have a long way to go to a live-action adaptation, and there’s Mighty Thor Must Change if we look closely. Thor: Love and Thunder will only take a while until a definite date comes, and the debut of Mighty Thor played by Natalie Portman.

Jane Foster as the new Thor will join the MCU for the first time in the main universe based on what happened so far, meaning not an alternate version, but if that doesn’t prove to be in the movies.

In fact, actress Jane Foster has also gone through a significant change after going through a lot of training for her body. Mighty Thor’s transformation has caught fans’ attention ever since the first behind-the-scenes photos were released. Taika Waititi has a great job and will prove it when the film comes out.

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Natalie Portman’s Transformation For The Role Of The Mighty Thor

Speaking to GamesRadar, Kevin Feige answered questions about Natalie Portman’s transformation into what we see in the trailer for the film. And based on a Variety Interview, Natalie Portman revealed the production team went to make sure that Portman felt like Mighty Thor.

The director also talked about how the character’s personality has changed according to the body’s physique as well. This is one of the most incredible makeovers for Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Another important point here is also about Jane’s physical height, as Marvel Studios did some editing tricks for the solution. After that, being able to shadow the residents of Midgard is something Chris Hemsworth does well at 6’3″ – Portman stands a foot shorter.

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In addition, Marvel Studios also uses a high-profile set design and of course, camera tricks to get the right angle to make it look taller. Thor: Love and Thunder hit theaters on July 8th, so make sure you catch the biggest war between the Gods there.

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