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Frozen 3 Hasn’t Been Discussed Yet

With both Frozen and Frozen 2 becoming cultural phenomenons, a Frozen 3 seems like it won’t be far behind. So far, however, Disney hasn’t announced anything official is happening.

Josh Gad, who voices lovable snowman Olaf, recently said he isn’t aware of any plans so far, but also didn’t write off the possibility entirely. Frozen 2′s directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee similarly said they had no immediate plans for a third film, but they also acknowledged it could happen in the future.

Still Not on the Card

So far, it sounds like Frozen 3 remains a distant possibility. Marc Smith, who served as the director of story for Frozen 2, spoke with Collider about the making of that film and the franchise’s potential future.

When asked if there’s any interest in a Frozen 3, Smith simply said, “We have not had that discussion. I think Frozen 2 is still too close to everyone’s minds and ideas to, to think about what happens beyond, beyond that.”

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Considering how long it took for Frozen 2 to actually come about, it’ll probably take some time before Frozen 3 is actually released. Just because nothing is happening right now doesn’t mean it never will, even though many might see Elsa and Anna’s stories as being sufficiently wrapped up.

It might take some time for the dust to settle after Frozen 2, but once it clears up, the road might be wide open for Frozen 3. We’re just have to be patient for a little bit longer. So yeah guys, just hang in there and in the meantime, just enjoy the re-run of Frozen 2 (2019) OK?

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