Top 5 Best Urban Legend Anime, Not suitable to be watched by Young Audiens

This time we want to talking about Urban Legend Anime. You may look the horror anime, and you can try to challenge your adrenaline. But, there is also a horror anime that is very creepy or called Urban Legend Anime.

What is Urban Legend?

An urban legend is a mythology or contemporary legend that often believe as truth. Everything is related to mystery, horror, scary, humor and moral story. Urban legend not always lies, but like other words of the mount. Urban legend also often exaggerated to be sensational.

We have summarized in 5 urban legend anime which recommended to you horror lover. It will the scariest, horrible, and frightening anime. Want to know what anime which we mean? Check out the list below!

There are Top 5 Best Urban Legend Anime Recommendation

1. Hell Girl

hell girl

Have you ever heard of Jigoku Tsuushin (Hell Correspondence)? Those who have a strong grudge can only access this mysterious website at midnight, allowing them to enter anyone’s name and ask that person be transported directly to hell. Ai Enma, the Hell Girl, will not judge whether the chosen target deserves punishment, she will only take revenge for them.

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Not much is known about this young girl other than that she quickly does her job with the help of three straw dolls. There is only one catch, but as payment to carry out such a request, the user must condemn themselves to the afterlife in hell. It’s very suitable for best urban legend anime.

2. Sekai no Yami Zukan (World of Yamizukan)

Best urban legend anime world of yamikuzan

The anime is in the short omnibus format tell about a weird story in this world. Included UFO, cryptids, the curse, ancient civilizations, mythical power, supernatural experience, weird case, another dimension, and urban legend. The anime tries to awaken the retro atmosphere from the popular horror stories in 60’s to 70’s.

3. Toshi Densetsu Monogatari Hikiko

toshi densetsu monogatari hikiko

The 3D CG Anime tells of Satoshi, an elementary schoolboy who, on his way home from school, saw Hikiko’s ghostly figure under the bridge. After that, the strange happenings approached him. In addition to being overshadowed by horrible creatures, he was also disturbed by the presence of a bleak and mysterious new student named Satoko who apparently lives next door to his apartment.

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We think this anime is pretty scary until it can make you nightmare after watching it. The tension in this anime is quite pronounced, we think this film also evokes a horrible trauma for Claustrophobia sufferers that is extreme fear when in a closed or small room.

4. Yonimo Osoroshii Nihon Mukashibanashi (The Truth of Japanese Fairy Tales)

Best urban legend anime yonimo osoroshii nihon mukashibanashi

The horrible truths behind Japanese Fairy Tales from the ancient times are finally revealed! This title includes three episodes: “The Monkey and the Crab”, “Click-Crack Mountain” and “Urashima and the Kingdom beneath the Sea”.

5. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Best urban legend anime yamishibai

Yami Shibai is anime each episode tell scary horror or urban legend with Kamishibai style (the drama told with character and background on paper). The anime duration so short, but give horror atmosphere was quite noticeable.

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The anime tells about Japanese Urban Legend and legendary of Japanese ghost. Essentially, the anime made for exploring many ghost history in Japan. There is the scariest dan unforgettable episode, but there also an exaggerating episode and some episode have floating story.

There because of the duration anime, each episode very short (5 mins). The storytelling may not optimal. But, Yami Shibai really has a terrible, creepy, and disgusting ghost. This anime is the from best urban legend anime in our list.

Closing Best Urban Legend Anime Recommendation

So, there are top 5 best urban legend anime recommendation from Wowkia. We will give you more anime recommendation, don’t forget to comment below!

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