Superman & Lois Casts Mysterious New Villain, The Stranger

Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, the spinoff got a shake-up as the crossover changed Superman and Lois’ family from having one baby boy to now having two teenage sons.

The spinoff had a fast development after the network revealed last fall they were eyeing a Superman series for the Arrowverse. Since getting an early series pick-up, the project has been expanding its main cast throughout the year.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic preventing them from starting season 1 production, the cast is shaping up to feature several characters from the DC Universe. However, the latest addition becomes Superman & Lois’ biggest mystery yet.

Meet, The Stranger

Woleparks 11
Wole Parks as The Stranger | Bleeding Cool

Wolé Parks (Devious Maids, Next Caller) is joining the cast of Superman & Lois as another series regular according to Deadline.

However, compared to his cast members, the creative team is referring to him as The Stranger who is described as an ambiguous visitor who is determined to prove to the world that Superman isn’t needed.

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Looking at how the Arrowverse has done it before, it’s very likely The Stranger is a cover name for an established DC Comics character. Whether it’s a foe in the Superman mythology or someone outside of the Man of Tomorrow’s rouges’ gallery remains to be seen.

It Could Be a Fake Name / Identity

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Superman And Lois | OI Canadian

Given he is boarding the show as a series regular, it makes sense if The Stranger will serve as the season 1 big bad.

While production waits for Warner Bros. TV to figure out when filming can actually start, more roles are certainly bound to be revealed in the coming months. 

Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin will be playing Superman’s sons, Jonathan and Jordan respectively, while Dylan Walsh has taken over for Glenn Morshower as Lois’s father General Sam Lane. So, what do you all DAMN fanboy think about this?

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