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Epic Games Announces Creative Summer Callout Fortnite

Recently Epic Games has announced Creative Summer Callout for the Fortnite game. In this contest, players are asked to submit the best summer-themed game they have.

To enter this contest, you only need to submit the best summer theme you made in the Fortnite in-game mode, namely Creative. For those who don’t know, this mode allows players to create various structures on a private island. However, we cannot do it arbitrarily because there are several rules available.

Creative Mode Fortnite
Creative Mode Fortnite | GameStation

If you already know, get into this interesting contest around this summer. To follow suit, players need to submit their best ideas with a summer theme via Creative mode. The essence of this contest is that you only need to make the best summer theme possible to beat other player themes.

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Right now, you have until 11 June to submit your best theme. The developers hope that the summer theme created by the players will be really innovative and definitely interesting to look at. So, if the summer theme you created has that criteria, the team is sure to love it.

However, keep in mind that there will definitely be many Fortnite gamers who will take part in this contest. So, make sure you make the best summer theme possible until the 11th of June. If you have an ordinary summer theme, of course, that will be a mistake.

In addition, you can see other information regarding the Creative Summer Callout contest for Fortnite on the official website. Make sure you read the rules made so you don’t get disqualified later.

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