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Activision Proposes Technology That Can Turn 2D Games Into 3D

Recently, Activision has filed a patent for their latest technology of changing 2D games to 3D. With this technology, all games that used to be 2D can be remastered into much more realistic games.

What’s more, thanks to this technology, there are also many passionate retro game fans. You see, if the game they like is remastered into 3D, of course, it will be something great and worthy of being proud of.

Not only that, this technology itself will dramatically change 2D games to 3D. Because of this, it means that later 2D games will get an excellent visual and graphic quality improvement. In fact, likely, the players’ perspective here will also be changed, such as the TPP and FPP.

However, if there is a change in the players’ perspective here, it looks like the change for the game will look very far. You see, the change in perspective has a huge effect on the game. So, if with this technology, a change in perspective can be made, you could say this is a massive remaster.

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However, this is just my opinion. So, it’s not certain that the team will make something like this later in a 2D game. In addition, by changing the player’s perspective, the game will also change enormously. So, it is certain that Activision will think more about this later.

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In addition, it looks like the first game that will later use this new technology from Activision is Diablo, a game from Blizzard Entertainment. You see, this is a game that is very much liked by fans of its time. So, the chances are that the team will look for the most-liked game to convert it to 3D. By changing the game, the team will get a lot of appreciation from fans.

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