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Fall Guys Player Shows Awesome Trick for Winning Final Round

Fall Guys Awesome Trick

A Fall Guys player has such a unique trick to surviving in the final Jump Showdown level. The tricks require a lot of risks but have a quiet good winning result. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the new hit online party game that is currently trending on PC and PS4. This game is more fun and family-friendly option among a range of online battle royale games. Players enjoy playing this game and having a lot of fun. Even it’s challenging; people are finding new ways to succeed in this competitive game.

Fall Guys plays out in a series of fun party mini-games with players racing to be the last jelly-bean standing or the first one to cross the finish line. Knockout rounds cull groups of 60 plus players down to just one champion at the end of the game. Players have shared some spectacular fails and wins in the first few weeks since Fall Guys’ release. Immediately, many players are seeking new ways to be crowned the ultimate champion.

During the final round of Fall Guys’ Jump Showdown, a user has shared their secret to success on Twitter. Instead of jumping over the moving obstacles, which are getting faster, the player has managed to hang suspended from the ledge, avoiding the need to jump entirely. The player can hang from the ledge while their opponent continues to jump the tubes and is eventually eliminated, making them the ultimate champion. Some of the responses mention that this tactic was revealed in the original Fall Guys’ trailer. But this is one of the first instances of using the tactic successfully.

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Fall Guys Jump Showdown Trick

Jump Showdown is one of the newest mini-games added in a planned range of new content to Fall Guys. The game has already inspired praise and frustration online. It is because the players are knocked out right before the finish line. The most frustrating part is other player steals the glory right in front of the finish line. Many trophy-seekers are particularly competitive in Fall Guys as they try to win challenges to earn coveted online achievements.

The game has only been out for a couple of weeks on PC and PS4 but is well over 8 million players, largely thanks to Fall Guys’ inclusion in August’s PS Plus free games. Xbox and Nintendo Switch players are hoping to have their chance to join the Fall Guys fun but there is no release date from Devolver Digital just yet. The studio has confirmed it will be working on a cross-play update for Fall Guys so that friends on different platforms will be able to play online together.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PS4.

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