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Crash Bandicoot 4 Details Crash’s New Platforming Abilities

The trio of Crash Bandicoot games developed by Naughty Dog were quintessential to the first PlayStation. The games were a platformer style and introduced a goofy orange bandicoot with iconic moves like spinning, jumping, and ground-slamming. Many attempts at sequels were made after the core trilogy, some attempting more open-world designs or new gameplay mechanics, but most of them never quite landed with fans of the originals.

Will Have Some New Cool Moves in the 4th Games

The developer of Crash Bandicoot 4, Toys for Bob, is attempting to stick more to the original trilogy, building the game from the ground up and not using any existing code. 

Design Producer Lou Studdert told IGN that the studio’s intent  “was to give folks the sequel they never got” and the studio focused on the “tense, precise execution that is so ingrained in the DNA of Crash and bringing that to today’s standards.” With that, the developers have decided to bring in some fresh moves for Crash, integrated into the level design of the new game. Crash will be able to pull off wall runs, rope swings, and will be able to grind on and below rails.

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Studdert adds, “It’s been this fun balancing act of us taking what we love about those original games and the feeling of those linear pathways, but then at the same time layering in new challenging asks for the players, new ways of finding all of the boxes, crates, finding hidden gems, finding all this different content throughout the level.”

The new levels have been built with a focus on the replayability of the game, giving players plenty of new things to focus on with each playthrough. So, what do you all think about these new features guys?

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