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How to Get Feathers in Valheim

How To Get Feather In Valheim

In Valheim, you can find many animals. Usually, it would help if you hunt a boar or a deer to get materials like Leather scraps and Deer hide. But do you know that you can also get feathers in this game? So, this time, we will learn how to get feathers in Valheim.

What is Valheim Feathers?

Feather is an item found in Valheim. It is the basic item to craft the higher-level weapon.

Feathers can be crafted to be:

  • Bronzehead arrow
  • Fire arrow
  • Flinthead arrow
  • Frost arrow
  • Huntsman bow
  • Ironhead arrow
  • Needle arrow
  • Obsidian arrow
  • Poison arrow
  • Silver arrow
  • Dragon bed (building)

How to Get Feathers in Valheim

How To Get Feather In Valheim 2
Gulls | Wowkia

The main source of feathers is Gulls. Those birds are playing around in the Valheim world. You need the patience to hunt them down because you can’t come closer, or the the gulls will fly away. A ranged weapon like a Crude bow is the best weapon to hunt that creature.

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How To Get Feather In Valheim 3
Feathers | Wowkia

The gull is the passive creature, so they will not fight back. Hit them when they are silent. The drops will come out and take it by pressing the [E] key. Each gull will drop 3 feathers in one hunt. There is a 100% guarantee that you will get the same amount every time you kill it.

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Chest | Wowkia

In other ways, you can also find the feathers in the chest when you exploring the world. The chest we mean is the one you can find in an empty house or Burial Chamber.

Well, that’s how to get Feathers in Valheim. If you are looking for more Valheim Guides, you can follow us and revisit Wowkia in the future.

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