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How to Unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim

How to Unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim

Currently, there are still very many players who use wooden bases for their bases in the survival game made by Iron Gate AB, namely Valheim. That’s why on this occasion, Wowkia will share how to unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim.

Using Stone Cutter, players can increase the base that still uses wood to become stone buildings. So, with this increase, your base will not be easily damaged by wandering enemies.

Yep, as explained in the game, you must access certain biomes to make Stone Cutters first. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s how to make a Stone Cutter that you can use for various things, especially building stone-based things.

Here’s How to Unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim

Here's How to Unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim
Here’s How to Unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim | Sportskeeda

First, you must unlock the Stone Cutter crafting recipe by finding the Swamp biome. Wowkia suggests defeating The Elder, Valheim’s second boss, before entering the Swamp to help you on your way (optional).

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After arriving at the swamp, now you need to find as much iron as possible. Since Scrap Iron can be found in mud piles throughout this murky biome, it is elementary to become this item.

After getting the right amount, now go back to base, then use the Smelter for smelting down the Scrap Iron. After having some iron produced from the Smelter, the crafting recipe for Stone Cutter will automatically open.

Melted Scrap Iron to Unlock Stone Cutter in Valheim
Scrap Iron in Valheim | Pro Game Guides

If you have unlocked Stone Cutter in Valheim, now you can make the Stone Cutter tool. However, to make it, you need various materials, such as 2 Iron, 4 Stone, and 10 Wood.

After you finishing following all the directions above, now you can use the Stone Cutter to make various types of new stone items and stone buildings that will massively increase your base.

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