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Paranormal Hunter the Co-Op Ghost Hunting Game with Optional VR!

Paranormal Hunter – This game that serves co-op games was developed by EALoGames. Also, the developer teams for Shenmue and Shin Megami Tensei are working on it. Fortunately, The announcement of one of the upcoming ghost hunting games is one of the most waited things on the gaming platform.

The smaller game developers are also working hard at bringing horror to players’ consoles and PCs. Then, between the recent return of Fatal Frame to the west, titles like Wronged Us get the Silent Hill vibe back to life. So, Wowkia collected more information for you! check it out

The Platform for Paranormal Hunter Announcement

Paranormal Hunter | Youtube
Paranormal Hunter | Youtube

Moreover, Cross-play between the two gaming styles is available, so friends without VR headsets don’t get left out. The game will also come to consoles, though, with planned PS4, PS5, and Switch versions. So, it’ll be crucial for Paranormal Hunter to launch with enough content to keep players occupied.

Is Paranormal Hunter’s Gameplay Like Phasmophobia?

Paranormal Hunter Trailer | Upload VR Youtube

Interestingly, A teaser trailer released for Paranormal Hunter gives players a sneak peek into what terror will await them. Also, The player is brought aid by various paranormal artifacts and tools to help spot or drive away spirits.

For the moment, it’s unclear if players are setting out to destroy the vengeful spirits they encounter or to document them and escape, akin to Phasmophobia. However, players will have to solve locked doors and passageways like Dead by Daylight.

Like Phasmophobia, it will let PC players choose between playing on a screen or putting on a VR headset to become fully immersed in the horror. The game hits early access in Q2 of 2022. Up to four players can participate in hunting ghosts.

Paranormal Hunter gives plenty for horror game enthusiasts to enjoy going forward. This is one of the upcoming games that are interesting for me. Moreover, I was excited to play the VR option to feel the horror intense. So, what do you think about this upcoming game?

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